Male vs Female

Male vs Female

Postby chelynnah » Thu Nov 27, 2008 3:13 pm

From: chelynnah (Original Message) Sent: 08/09/2003 20:14
We have a thread going at the moment about which gender to get as a second dog, but a common question for first time whippet owners is what gender for the first dog? So I thought it would be good to start (and archive) a thread on this as well:)

From the reading I've done on the boards and lists most people tend to think that males are more affectionate, and females more aloof. I'm not sure as I've not spent enough time with males to see, so what do people with males think, and what do people with both think.

My girls are very snuggly on their terms. They are very affectionate, they love to cuddle, but they also like their space. They like to be with us, but rather than snuggling close, they would choose to curl up behind my knees on the sofa. They like to curl up beside me if I'm sitting rather than be in my lap. Savannah is different at shows though - at shows she will sit and curl up and snuggle in my lap - I think because that's something we've done in that atmosphere since she was a pup.

In bed they often start off with 'family time' which is them curled up at the top of the bed, one with each of us being cuddled and petted and tummy rubbed, but when they've had enough they will end up down the bottom of the bed.

I like that they are cuddly, but a bit independent - we didn't have any Separation anxiety issues with them. I sometimes wish they were a bit more snuggly, but if I really want them to be they will let me for a few minutes LOL.

Chelsea likes to sit under the computer desk with me - she used to try to sit on my lap at the computer but she is too big for that, so she curls up on the floor under, or sits under the key drawer and wants me to pet her (which worries me as I'm scared she'll smack her head off the drawer). Savvy comes to me at the computer, puts her paws round my neck and gives me a minute long hug and a butterfly kiss, just to say 'mummy I love you' and then is off to sleep in her corner again.

Anyway, my observations on my girls.


From: SueHop Sent: 08/09/2003 20:28

That pretty much describes Gracie as well. She will sit on the sofa near me, but never on my lap. sometimes she will put her head in my lap and I like that a whole lot! At the computer she lays on my bed which is behind me, and every once in a while will do the hug and a kiss and back to the bed.

She has become more snuggly over time - but will never be an in your lap cuddler.

From listening to a lot of people at shows and talking to breeders, there is a reason that females are called bitches. They rule the roost and hold grudges.


From: randy Sent: 08/09/2003 20:35
Maybe it's different because I am a guy, but little Sasha is always following me and is very sweet to me. It also could be the rescue thing, as well. Sullivan will run downstairs if he hears Mary Anne, but Sasha will usually stay with me and wait for Mary Anne to come to us. And for those of you who didn't see it, here is Sasha teaching Pepper Jack about dominance.

From: chelynnah Sent: 08/09/2003 20:37
Randy - that brings up a whole other question about the male vs female issue. Do people find that the females tend to bond to the male in the family and vice versa?


From: chelsea76 Sent: 08/09/2003 20:42
Sue - when she puts her chin on your lap does she do what I call the Whippet Chin Shuggle?? I don't know how else to describe it, but I LOVE it. It's that little head shaking movement that burrows the chin just that much closer and tighter to snuggle the chin in your lap, on your leg or wherever it is that the chin is being 'shuggled'.


From: randy Sent: 08/09/2003 21:26

I don't know about that, but when Pre was alive, he never seemed comfortable with me kissing him and he would never do "baby dog" like he would Mary Anne. On the other hand, Sullivan gets up every morning and licks me on the nose to start the day, and is very affectionate.


From: KarenzK9z Sent: 08/09/2003 21:36
I know that my Grace is very affectionate. Grace follows me wherever I go, sleeps either behind my knees or along my back with her head resting on me all night. (I love it) During the day, she sometimes comes into the office, but for some reason, does not like it very much...I'm not sure if it's maybe the sound the computer makes or what. While I watch TV, she curls up behind my legs again. She's never tried to get in my lap, but then again, I've never encouraged that. She's too big to be a lapdog! Also, we got her when she was 5 months old, so we never had that "cuddly puppy" stage. I'm hoping to get a male next, but it sort of depends on what comes along.

From: Rodney Sent: 08/09/2003 21:37
our Zoe is pretty similar to what has been described above...she is getting more and more independent as she gets older...she does the chin snuggle thing as well. She sleeps with us in bed, but sometimes she will go in the other room to sleep for awhile, or just wander around...

From: SueHop Sent: 08/09/2003 23:06
Gracie does do the chin shuggle. I never know what to call it either, but I like it.

From: Dahli Sent: 08/09/2003 23:25
I LOVE that chin thing!! Our boys are much more affectionate than the girls were.... (they tended to be hit and run snugglers and a bit like cats in their 'moods') even with my hubby, Max especially is a cuddler with him and now that he's away for a few days I'm getting to enjoy some of that attention. My little guy J is also a snuggler but he's a bit clumsy so never winds up (after circling around and around and around and .... ) where he intended to.

From: skeezix123 Sent: 08/09/2003 23:29
My nine year old male whippet has never been affectionate, always a bit aloof. However, he will lie on the bed next to me or my husband(under the covers) until the cows come home.

Buster my 15week old whippet seems to be a bit more affectionate. Time will tell.

Now my dobe Beau is a big time lover. He wants affection all of the time.

I have never owned a female dog.

Just me two cents.

V and boys

From: indogolfing Sent: 08/09/2003 23:29
I LOVE sasha! What a gorgeous brindle lady, and such a cute face too.

From: SueHop Sent: 09/09/2003 00:07
Gracie did something this weekend that really surprised me. I took her up to my parents (who are not dog people) and Gracie jumped up on the sofa with my Mom and leaned into her and snuggled her head under my Mom's chin. She closed her eyes and just leaned. My Mom liked it actually and hugged her back.

Way Cute.


From: SwiftWhippet Sent: 11/09/2003 18:00
Leons only 13 weeks old but we love how affectionate he is I don't know if all puppies are I like it as he's our first dog so I hope your not all going to say he's going to grow out of it ,I'm happy to say he's more affectionate with me than my wife and will follow me from room to room waiting for me to sit down and he also does the chin thing (lovely isn't it).I must say I'm dreading the day he gets to big to curl his bottom up on my lap and put his head over my shoulder and fall asleep making those funny baby gurgling noises or are those just a strange Leon thing.


From: chelynnah Sent: 11/09/2003 18:57
Steve - they're never too big for that!! You just have to readjust the position. Savannah still does that with me when we're sitting at shows waiting our turn.


From: SwiftWhippet Sent: 11/09/2003 19:07
Thankyou so much for cheering me up I feel so lucky when he falls asleep on me like that in the evenings and my wife gets so jealous its wonderful.


From: WhipPetLisa Sent: 11/09/2003 19:17
Casino will lay next to me, but never wanted to be held in my lap. But he is VERY affectionate and follows us everywhere. Stryder loves to sit in laps. He will fall asleep and stay as long as you let him. After Stryder had been in my lap for a while the other night, Casino came over and got in my lap and stayed there. I couldn't believe it!


From: chelynnah Sent: 18/09/2003 18:18
The following was posted by Sharyn Hutchens to Whippet-L. I asked her to post here, but MSN is playing up again and pretending that she's not a member - so I'm putting it here on her behalf.

Subject: Re: Whippet pets- Males or Bitches?

My own sense is that females are smarter, funnier, and moodier. Males are more
affectionate, reliable, and sensitive, especially to corrections. If I verbally correct one of the girls, she's likely to look at me with this, "Who died and made you boss?" expression. (Also known as the "Well excuuuuuuuse me all to hell!" look). A male will offer to lie down under a train for having upset you, swear he will never ever ever do it again, and spend at least an hour doing penance. But she is more liable to remember she got in trouble for it. This doesn't mean she won't do it again. She'll just make sure you don't *see* her do it. He may very well do it again too, but it's only because he forgot it was bad. (And he'll be just as sorry the second time. And the third.)


Sharyn & Walt Hutchens
Timbreblue Whippets & Collies ~
Lexington, VA ~ Rescues sometimes available
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From: skeezix123 Sent: 18/09/2003 18:22

My first whippet is not an affectionate sort. But my 16 week old is very much a "lap creep" he will either get up in my or my husbands lap.

V and the "wrecking crew"

From: hazelsparents_807 Sent: 03/12/2006 17:33
We have two females at the moment. Hazel, the oldest, is the more aloof of the two and is slightly more partial to my husband than me. I think that is due to me working really long hours for a couple of months shortly after we got her so she had my husband all to herself to bond to. Tacy is more snuggly and now that Tim is at school all the time, she is more partial to me. Tacy will follow me around and if she wakes up and I'm not in the room anymore, she will search me out. If Hazel is sleeping and you leave the room, she may or may not follow. Depends on how comfy she is. Since getting the snuggle ball bed, she will often go lay on that in the bedroom during the day. Hazel is definitely the more bossy of the two. She sometimes tests me for being the alpha, which she and I are going to take an obediance class after the holidays to try to curb that. Hazel gets cuddly when she wants something. Dinner, to go outside, etc. She will try to climb on my lap while I'm at the computer. Tacy will try to climb on my lap to just lay on my lap. Tacy also does the chin snuggle thing and when she does it she makes a cute little groaning noise. Like she's saying, "ahh, now this is comfy" It is the cutest thing. While on the couch they both lay next to one of us with their heads on our laps. They don't often lay their whole bodies on our laps, which is fine with me.


From: OldCapeCod Sent: 04/12/2006 17:23
Hannah is independent. She doesn't follow me around the house. Like Hazel, she's content to just about live on her snuggle ball. She also sleeps down low on the bed when I'm in it. When I'm not in bed, she sleeps on the pillows. She's a huge "delight moaner." She moans when you pat her, when you tuck her in, and sometimes just when you press your hand on her. When I leave for work, she's still in bed under the covers (unless she needs to go out and potty). When I use to let her off lead in the woods, I could hide behind a tree whenever she went too far ahead, and she would come running back looking for me.

Bartlett's only been with us for a couple of months, but when I'm on the computer he'd rather lay on the floor next to me than on his cuddle ball bed (of course I move his bed over for him). He lets me know when he wants attention. Sometimes he's on my lap while I'm on the computer. Also, he'll let me pick him up and rock him in the rocking chair (I love that). He tends to sleep down the foot of the bed too, but will let me pull him up near me for a cuddle until he gets too hot. He seems to get hot easily. He also lets me know when he wants me to play with him. He'll push the door open from outside and stand there looking at me like, "Come on! Come on out and play!" He's getting more independent though. He didn't come downstairs with me this a.m. when I was leaving for work. He was in bed still. Ah, the life of a whippet!
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Re: Male vs Female

Postby chelynnah » Thu Nov 27, 2008 3:20 pm

From: rotorhed47 (Original Message) Sent: 28/11/2006 23:46
Hi. I am in the process of considering a spayed/neutered adult whippet for adoption. I would like comments on the major differences between males and females, from appearance to personality traits (getting along with other dogs/cats...trainability, housebreaking, seperation..etc) I know all dogs are unique but general information would be appreciated! Thanks

From: Logicsmom3 Sent: 29/11/2006 00:30
I have both spayed/nuetered female/males here. For sweetness and trainability I like the males. For some sweetness (what's in it for them?), smarts and cunning, I go for the girls. All in all I don't mind either for any aspect of the breed. How about one of each????


From: Clonfaeyl Sent: 29/11/2006 00:33
Ditto for what Logicsmom says above. I have one of each, and what Janet says is absolutely same here. Love them both, but for different reasons.

From: EllaBellaWhippet Sent: 29/11/2006 00:46
Same here, too, one of each, love both their traits. Porter, our male, is the sweetest thing on the face of the earth. Ella, our female, is also very sweet but is incredibly smart and feisty (but in a good way!). She has stolen my heart, but she is also my first dog.

Both have been very trainable, but I think Ella was more trainable in obedience and Porter was better at housebreaking (I think he just has a bigger bladder, though). Ella had separation anxiety but she was an only pet at the time and I think she didn't like the house being completely empty. Now that we have Porter to hang out with her, she doesn't have the anxiety.

You couldn't go wrong with either, in my mind. Good luck!


From: PoleStarPB Sent: 29/11/2006 00:57
A few years ago I would have said males make the best companions. But Saarra is just as sweet if not more so than her sire Polar Bear. I attribute that to her dam Sadie who was an absolute angel of a Whippet.

So all in all it depends on the individual. Both Saarra and Polar Bear have been (were) exceptional service dogs for me. One not better than the other but they each have/had their own distinctive style.

My only preference is for a Polar Bear puppy....yes I am prejudiced. But with good reason I think. Smart and sweet is always a good combination in my eyes.

From: tallyho4fun Sent: 29/11/2006 01:03
Ditto to the above. We've had two females and now have one of each. I could not imagine that a male would have been any sweeter than the girls, but he's a little snuggler! Like the others said, they are different but both are delightful, smart, cunning, mischievous and special in their individual ways. Good luck!

From: ammacc Sent: 29/11/2006 02:45
Well I don't know about the girls, but my boy Duma (my very first whippet) is a total velcro dog. He's a momma's boy too, but such a little sweetheart and a great snuggler!


From: Gracedog01 Sent: 29/11/2006 04:12
Well I'm a sucker for boys and I have a whole housefull of them to prove it. I love my boys to pieces and I couldn't imagine life without them. They aren't clingy at all, but they sure do love their momma!

Lisa & The Boys

From: whippetmom Sent: 29/11/2006 13:28
I have both...have had both all my life....they are both very sweet. I have just found that females (spayed) have a slight edge over the males in the Sweetness department....just ever-so slight. Good luck with your choice. Male or can't go wrong!!!

Trish Scanzello (Whippet Mom) & Niven, Nell and Nigel

From: surreyhill Sent: 29/11/2006 13:56
The British Whippet Video said it best:

Males are very affectionate and loyal to their owners, while the females tend to see their owners as slaves to their personal comfort.

Karen Lee

From: lanruvi Sent: 29/11/2006 15:25
I vote for the boys!

My boys are better agility buddies than the girl whippets I have known.

If I just wanted a pretty couch ornament (and I love those too) I would take a girl.


From: Chelynnah1 Sent: 29/11/2006 18:10
Well I have to throw in a vote for the girlies. Mine are independent enough not to be too needy (though Teya might be the exception to that - she IS the ultimate Mummy's girl), still very affectionate, they are FANTASTIC at agility. Teya took to agililty SO fast. She went straight from beginners to the full on class she got it so quickly! She was running rings round the 'jr' class so they bumped us up so she was in with Savvy and Chels.

I wouldn't trade my girlies for the world. I love other people's boys, but for me it'll always be girls.


From: PAWhippets Sent: 30/11/2006 01:23
More reading for's a similar discussion on another board


From: Mynah-Bird Sent: 30/11/2006 02:13
The breed is amazing, you can't go wrong with either but if I had to vote I would pick a female. Both females I've had were just as snuggly and sweet as the male but they had a slightly more independent way of thinking about them. My male would do anything for me, no questions asked, the females seem to analyize situations a bit more and not blindly follow, I respect that I guess even though it makes them a tiny bit difficult at times.

From: rotorhed47 Sent: 30/11/2006 20:36
Thanks for all of the input. Other than levels of affection...What are the major gender differences as far as trainability, separation anxiety, and size/physical appearance for the average whippet? Thanks!

From: Clonfaeyl Sent: 30/11/2006 20:44
If you are talking sheer size, the males will always be larger than the females. My female is a slight 24 lbs, and my male is 33 lbs, but several inches taller. The male's head is larger along with the bone structure.

As for trainability, that is not a gender issue........but, a temperament issue. Both are trainable, both can have little to no separation anxiety, or a lot. It all depends on the make up of the dog. Has your breeder, or will your breeder do any temperament predisposition on the dogs? Sometimes this helps when chosing a dog for you.

Dogs are much like kids........some are HIGH needs, others are just easy and go through life la-de-da..... Hope you find the latter!

From: surreyhill Sent: 30/11/2006 22:46
I didn't mean that bit about the bitches considering their owners to be slaves to their personal comfort to sound like a BAD THING!

Since I am a small-scale hobby breeder and exhibitor, I HAVE to have more bitches at any one time than dogs. I enjoy both and recommend both to my buyers, depending on circumstances.

I wrote much of the copy for the AWC F.A.Q. waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day on this, so if you've hunted around the web and found that, you've already had the benefit of my general thoughts on the subject of males vs. females. But within broad generalizations, there is a lot of variability.

The males IN GENERAL are perhaps not so quick to learn obedience exercises as the females, but they retain it very well and have more patience with repetitive training. Once they get to the point where they are ready for competition in obedience or agility, they are more reliable, by which I mean that they are less likely to throw you a curveball when you are in the ring hoping for a qualifying score. Bitches tend to be more brilliant, faster learners, but also more creative. An intact male is distractable, while an altered male tends to be rock-solid, if you've trained him well.

In racing and coursing, it is much the same. The top-ranked dogs tend to be males because they are the most consistent and hormonal fluctuations do not alter their performance or working ability. However, some of the most brilliant coursers are bitches. A fast bitch is indeed a thrilling sight.

The reason I am a big "boy Whippet" booster is that most people who come into this breed from other breeds or mixed breeds have fixed ideas about what boy dogs are like and these don't really hold true for MOST male Whippets, IMO. I find the males to be more gentle, less likely to fight to the death in dogfights, not at all inclined to the kind of extreme male leghumping and compulsive marking, and not all that escape-minded...compared to the complaints I've heard about males of other dog breeds and mixes. I think that for a family pet to just live in the house and be a great family member--affectionate, playful, and clean in his habits, a male is as good of a choice as a female.

I do not think there is any difference in the distribution of negative temperament traits like claustrophobia and separation anxiety.

Although I generalize that males are more interested in repetitive play and frisbee than bitches, my best frisbee dogs and natural retrievers have been bitches. However, I have had more bitches that refused to fetch or catch or show interest in frisbee or balls than males.

I like to tell my prospective pet/obedience/agility buyers that they should just get on a waiting list for a litter of a breeder they have some rapport with, and then hopefully that breeder will either temperament test or have the background to assess the personality differences and make the best match.

To buy a show, race, and/or breeding prospect, the appearance of the parents, their pedigree, and the conformation of the puppy is a big part of what will be considered--in fact, they are going to be among the main considerations. But if temperament/trainability/personality is the main concern, then don't potentially pass on a pup who would be perfect for you and your lifestyle by being rigid on matters of sex or markings or color.

I enjoy my sweet boys who love to please me and will work their hearts out almost as much as I enjoy locking horns with my bitches and trying to figure out how to bend them to my will. A bitch with a strong mind and a strong will is a good mother who will produce pups who don't wither under pressure and who will stick up for themselves. It's up to you to channel that into positive directions.

Karen Lee

From: ஜAmber777Kஜ Sent: 03/12/2006 14:56
My girl is much more of a cuddler than my boy but it could be because my boy is only 5.5 months and doesn't like to sit still yet. lol
They are both rowdy. Annie is a bit more stubborn, or it could be that Ozzy hasn't figured that out yet, so he just goes with the flow. lol They both steal my spot on the couch as soon as I get up.
Annie is only 10 months older, so not a big age difference.

From: thielwhippets911 Sent: 03/12/2006 16:55
i think the size depends on their individual makeup. i have 4 whippets and my female is the largest. she is such a horse! my 3 boys are different sizes. romeo (15mos) is almost as big as lexi then there's ripley (2yrs) and the smallest is luke(5yrs). they are all from the same place too. temperment wise, my boys are much more loving and want to be in your lap. they are all smart and were easy to train. they all play well together, with lexi being the cheerleader for the boys.


From: Chelynnah1 Sent: 03/12/2006 19:19
Great stuff - I've added it to the archived thread! In doing that though it bumped the old thread up, so keep an eye on both threads, as you may start getting replies on both

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