2nd Dog - Gender?

2nd Dog - Gender?

Postby chelynnah » Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:44 pm

From: Roosmom6 (Original Message) Sent: 08/09/2003 02:27
We are looking for a companion for Roo (and us too) and have been waiting forever for a female but recently found out that there could be some males up for adoption. How many of you have two male whippets and how do they get along? Where they together since they were pups or were they placed together later in life? Roo is three and a little different than most whippets. He is VERY aggressive and we don't want him to feel threatened by the presence of another male in the house. Any suggestions, stories, advice etc. would be appreciated.

From: Dahli Sent: 08/09/2003 03:57
We have two boys, littermates in fact and they have their 'moments' but mostly get along fine... they are not particularly snuggly with each other, but love to chase and play. There have been a couple of spectacular fights and a few stitches, but the dominance thing seems to have worked itself out - as soon as we realized not to get involved... I am not sure if having them neutered really made a difference although we were told it would - no idea how they would have behaved had they been left intact. Obviously this is a different situation than introducing one at a later date, but I have been told that 2 littermates was the wrong thing to do by more than one 'helpful' person. So I guess it always comes down to the individual dogs, more than anything else.....our last two were females and we wanted females again, but are very happy with our beautiful boys and think they are wonderful!

From: skeezix123 Sent: 08/09/2003 13:05
Yep agree with Dahli. I have three male dog and for the most part they get along great. Love to play and horse around together.


From: SwiftWhippet Sent: 08/09/2003 13:46
We have just got our first Whippet named Leon and we always wanted two but were also put off by "helpful" friends, telling us not to have a littermate as they would bond with eachother ignore us and be very hard to train. Advice to us was wait until Leon is around 9 months old and get him and us another male whippet,and to be honest the idea of trying to keep an in season bitch and Leon apart sounds an absolute nightmare ,but I'd be interested in hearing what other peoples experiences were as well. (sorry that wasn't much help was it)


From: 4fastdogss Sent: 08/09/2003 18:18
We have 2 males...the alpha was in our home almost 2 years before we got our 2nd boy (he was a rescue)
The greyhound (male) came a couple of years after that.

The alpha is alpha, I think, because he was here first & he outweighs the smaller whippet by 15 pounds.
The greyhound is at the very bottom of the pack (even though he weighs 80 pounds) & he doesn't seem to mind being 3rd dog.
We see occasional "jockeying for position" when we run them in large areas & they can really get going.
At least we assume that it is "jockeying".
The smaller whippet will go after the larger alpha when they're running.
Will nip at his shoulders & ears.
No vet trips...one tooth hole & a ticked off alpha.

Is this actually a sign of the smaller whippet trying for supremacy??

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From: skeezix123 Sent: 08/09/2003 18:58
LOL! I love Groucho

From: SueHop Sent: 08/09/2003 19:18
To be perfectly honest I don't know which would be better to add to Gracie. She is very aggressive in play, but when the other dog plays as aggressively it works out great. If the other dog cowers and runs she just courses them and takes them down. I have tried very hard to curb this behavior, but so far it has not worked. I would need to test any other dog with her prior to introduction into the home. I guess I think a male would be better in our situation.

Right now Gracie is trying to move into the alpha spot which is currently held by the old sheltie, and he is sort of letting her. Interesting to watch - as long as nobody gets hurt.


From: chelynnah Sent: 08/09/2003 20:06
In my limited experience, and in my 4+ years of READING (not breeding LOL) my impression overall is that whippets are not bound as much by the gender and/or dominance issues that a lot of other breeds are. My breeders have 6 females - 3 pairs of sisters. No issues there. Other breeders I know mostly keep males and no issues there. Still others keep mixed sexes and there are very few issues (most of the issues are around 'in season' bitches).

I prefer females. That's just my preference. I have two girls (granted one is a whippet/terrier cross) and we've never had any problems (aside from the jealousy issue over the first couple of weeks). Chelsea is spayed, Savannah is intact. Chelsea 'thinks' she's the alpha between the two of them and we reinforce that because she was here first. However if you watch the behaviour you see that Chelsea WANTS to be the alpha, and Savannah lets her get on with it and think that she is, unless it's something REALLY important to Savannah, then Savvy will make sure Chelsea backs off. And I've been told this is a good sign of a confident alpha - they just go along, and intervene when necessary. And because Savannah is the intact female it makes sense that Chelsea senses the true order of things even though she wishes it were different. All in all they are happy. They treat each other, in many ways, the way you see human sisters interact. Savannah even 'tattles' on Chelsea (no word of a lie).

On one of my other boards there are people who have pairs of males, some siblings, others not - and again, no real issues. On the same boards there are people with one of each and again, no real issues.

I think it's up to you really, what is your preference - and if you don't have one that widens your options even more - you can choose the puppy that calls to you

From: 4fastdogss Sent: 08/09/2003 20:35

Zephyr doesn't mind the 2 other males....
He would, however, probably prefer a larger loveseat...


From: TruGirllDiane Sent: 12/09/2003 01:59
In my honest opinion, and it is my opinion, before you question what sex dog to would make the best companion for Roo, I believe you may want to try Roo out with a few dogs as " houseguests", to see if he in nonaggressive with these dogs. As an owner of a dog, badly attacked by an aggressive playmate, whose owners desperately wanted companionship for their dog...... I can tell you that the dammage done to the victim is costly, physically and emotionally. I am not trying to be negative, I just believe that there are some dogs out there who need to live as an only dog, and rule their own roost.

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