Kibble or Canned Food Recommendations

Kibble or Canned Food Recommendations

Postby chelynnah » Thu Nov 27, 2008 10:14 pm

This thread was created on the original WW board to discuss Commercial food recommendations.

From: WhipPetLisa (Original Message) Sent: 19/09/2003 22:49
Please post which commercial dog food(s) (kibble/canned) you feed your dogs on this archives thread.

From: Terri2856 Sent: 19/09/2003 23:15
I feed puppy Eukanuba for medium breeds.

From: WhipPetLisa Sent: 19/09/2003 23:19
My guys eat Bil-Jac Select and Nutro Natural Choice Lamb & Rice mixed together. They seem to love this combination. Megan is being switched to Bil-Jac Reduced Fat.

For the past few days, Stryder is also eating raw hamburger. I have never fed raw meat before and never thought I would, but I decided to try it as he needs to gain weight. He loves it and he appears to be filling out some already. He hasn't had any stomach upset from this (was holding my breath) and his stools are firm.


From: Darbysmom2 Sent: 20/09/2003 00:57
I feed Wellness Super 5 chicken, mixed with Steve's real food or Natures Variety (2 types of commercially prepared raw food). I supplement with Missing Link, and for my racer add GlutaDMG.


From: smartz74 Sent: 20/09/2003 01:07
I feed Luce Wellness Super 5 Puppy (she is 3 1/2 months old). I have heard great things about Wellness for adults on other whippet lists, so that's our plan for when she gets older.


From: Ladyaudreysmom1 Sent: 20/09/2003 01:18
I feed Lady Nature's Recipe for Hounds and Herding dogs mixed with a little (very little) canned food mixed with a little hot water. She has a tendencey to be chunky so doesn't get too much food, except what she steals, that is. I try to keep the stealing to a minimum though. She eats lots and lots of veggies.


From: Ewapl Sent: 20/09/2003 01:21
I feed Nutro Choice Performance.
Before I gave my boys Pro Plan and Gilpa - super english food.
Eukanuba is not good in Poland, it's not original, but very expensive.

From: WhippetLuvs Sent: 20/09/2003 03:14
I have been feeding the kids, Pedigree wet and dry, but I think I may change to one of the diets from the list that I posted. Probably Nutro. I will go to the pet store and see which brands from the list they carry.
Also, I have been giving them cheese and the list said that is a no, no... I also give cheese with Merlin's pills, so I have to figure out what to disguise the pills with now. Any suggestions?

From: coasterwiggs Sent: 20/09/2003 04:14
How interesting that Nature's Recipe has a Herding/Hound dog food.

From: coasterwiggs Sent: 20/09/2003 04:16
Since Whippets have such a unique body type, I assume they have specific nutritional needs. What percentages of protein, fat, etc. in dog food do Whippets do best on?

From: Dahli Sent: 20/09/2003 04:49

We feed Eagle Pack Holistic blend, ingredients listed are Chicken Meal, Ground Brown Rice, Whole Ground Barley, Fish Meal, Chicken (organic), Chicken Fat (preserved with Natural Mixed Tocopherols, Citric Acid, and Rosemary Extract), Pork Meal, Dried Beet Pulp, Amaranth, Oatmeal, Tomato Pumice, Dried Whole Egg, Flaxseed, Canola Oil, Dehydrated Apples, Cheese Meal, Ground Carrot Cubes, Air Dried Peas, Sun-cured Alfalfa, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Chicory Root Extract, Beta-Carotene, Dandelion, Garlic, Vitamin-mineral fortified and the "Custom Supplement-Wellness for Life" Nutrition Program. Recommended by the store owners who said the protein ratio quality promoted the muscle needed and they have five whippets of their own!

From: chelynnah Sent: 20/09/2003 18:40
I used to feed Hills Science Diet - did so for years and had no trouble on it. We switched to that because it was the only food at the time that we had tried that Chelsea wasn't sick on. Recently we switched to a 1/2 raw diet, and in doing so we read a few more dog food labels and found two brands that we prefer more now for complete dry foods. So now we feed James Wellbeloved (I think only available in the UK) or Burns (possibly available outside the UK but not sure).

I decided that I didn't like the amount of corn that was in Hills - nothing wrong overall with it - the dogs did well on it, but I figured they would do better on something else. Both the JWB and the Burns are wheat free, gluten free and corn free.


From: chelynnah Sent: 20/09/2003 18:46
Elayne - I have no idea what is wrong with cheese - everyone I know uses it for bait, and training and disguising foods. The Raw feeders use it the anti-raw use it. No problem with cheese except that it's fattening LOL.


From: timbreblue2 Sent: 20/09/2003 20:08
We feed Purina ONE -- used to feed more expensive ones, but after 20 years of various brands, I honestly couldn't tell a bit of difference in the dogs' conditions no matter what we fed! So we settled on Purina ONE around ten years ago and have never had any problems with it.

From: indogolfing Sent: 20/09/2003 23:47
same here, it's the greatest for disguising pills. I know of no veterinary reason it can't be fed as a treat.

From: eclipse207 Sent: 21/09/2003 02:40
I sometimes give cheese to dogs with diarhea, it seems to stop them up some. So probably too much cheese will block them up, but every dogs system is different. I've also used peanut butter to hide those nasty pills in. Just put a big dallop of it on the top of their food and they will wolf it down and not even know.

Because I have from 10 - 15 dogs at any given time, I have been feeding Pedigree small bites ($14.78 for 44 lbs) and Maximum Nutrition Performance ($20.48 for 40 lbs) mixed 50/50. Added to this I add about 2 Tblsp Pedigree canned, 1 - 400 mg Vitamin E gelcap, mixed with warm water. My 12-1/2 year old Jimmy-George gets 1 scoop of Canine Joint Health daily and my 11-1/2 year old Calypso gets 1 scoop of Missing Link Plus Glucosamine daily added in their feed.

They seem to do real well on this mixture, and if I need a bit more weight on a dog I give more of the Performance food and less of the Pedigree.


From: B-I-Cwhippets Sent: 21/09/2003 02:49
I feed the crew Eukenuba Lamb and Rice, puppy food for the girls and adult for the boys. They like it and seem to do well. None of them are too thin and their coats are shiny and nice.

From: Wyndhund Sent: 08/11/2003 22:42'll get all sorts of replies to this I imagine.
I keep my whippets (and my afghans) on Iams mini chunks (they do not like the 'chunks' for some reason even though P&G claims they are the same recipe!) Anyway...I find this to be a good basic food, doesn't cause any upset stomachs and doesn't interfere with color(this is more applicable for the blacks..I know your wee fellow is almost all white). What Iams Mini chunks allows me to do is to add as I see fit.....I like to add The Missing link, particularly in Spring and summer.
I add mackerel from the can (Bones have been steamed and are softer yet still yield all that good calcium) for Omegathree Fatty Acids for coat and skin..this is a 1 x a week thing, they do not seem as fond of canned salmon though love the fresh/raw salmon that I give very occasionaly . When we are Lure Coursing and need a store of energy (Whippets as with most sight hounds do not store energy in fat for any length of time hence their slender build) I feed pasta with butter(or a red meat fat i.e. hambergur grease with no spices at all!) on thursday night and friday night to be drawn against on Saturday and sunday. Will also give a dose of Red Cell (iron rich supplement) when we are going week-end after week-end.
The only reason I add all this superflous info is to show you how you can add to Iams mini chunks, therby refining the diet to what is needed. I get 'soup' bones from the chinese groceries here and let my fellows draw out all that great marrow.....and to stop the 'drippy dick' syndrom...OOOps tend to be qute blunt...must explain I suspect.....males will often have a mild discharge, not green, not overly smelly that is indicative of a low grade bacterial infection but not severe enough to warrent medical remidy this, with out vet fees, I'll put some CANNED diced tomatoes and the canned juice on the Iams Mini chunks...this elevates the body's acidity level and eliminates the bacteria.....just some of the 'tricks' to keep whippets healthy with minimal vet bills and being sure their diet has what they need for that particular time in their lives based on activity.
I would recommend that you keep wee Henry on his pup food for medium sized breeds until he is 8 months old and slowly slowly change the % ratio from pup to adult by the time he is 12 months old. (Small breed will not give him enough of what he needs to grow and large breed will give him too much and cause real is worth getting on a size specific recipe of nourishment) But I saw that Henry will be shown? His breeder will have many suggestions that are worth listening to, as she knows the quirks of her line.
Enough I waffle......Forgive please

From: Rinnare Sent: 09/11/2003 01:07
I feed Innova wet food and Calif. Natural dry food to my whippies, supplemented of course with whatever this humble servant can think of to keep the royalty happy - raw and cooked veggies, fresh meat, marrow bones, ocean fish (and, of course, a little of whatever I'm eating!)

From: dreamingofwhippets Sent: 27/02/2004 20:54
I fed my last whippet Authority chicken and rice large chunks. He did really well on it. We started out with Pro Plan but all Purina products made him really gassy!

Now we have a new pup Linus only 15 weeks old, his breeder had him on Eukanaba for small breeds puppy and Pro Plan can. We have been having a hard time getting the Pro Plan so switched to Nutro for puppies can. He is SO gassy though so I am going to try and slowly switch him to Authority Chicken and rice for puppies. and wean him from the can. And see how he does. He is a thin boy so we may try the little bit of can with water added to the dry food and see if he will still eat well. I feel bad giving him only dry he loves that can food LOL. But he can peel paint with the stink bombs he drops


From: beegdoggys Sent: 27/02/2004 21:38
The Whole Dog Journal just came out last month with their top reccomendations for kibble.


From: whipdach Sent: 27/02/2004 21:42
I feed my dogs Bosch- Rocks get's Bosch Active and my mini longs get Bosch mini.

I find this a great brand of food, made from GE free products, human grade food.

From: whippetmom Sent: 27/02/2004 22:07
We feed Diamond, originally started with Premium and switched to Lamb & Rice recently due to suspected food allergy to wheat. We love the Diamond products. They have a ratio of 23% protein, 14%fat, fiber 3% and Omega Fatty acids. This lamb/rice formula is for dogs sensitive to corn or chicken. We supplement with raw meaty bones and raw chicken wings.

From: whippetmom Sent: 27/02/2004 22:08
I am surprised our breeder had Linus on Eukanuba and Pro Plan. She was the one who got me into Diamond. Interesting.

From: KarenzKritterz Sent: 27/02/2004 22:19
We feed Eukanuba Lamb & Rice or Iams (Iams makes Eukanuba), either mini chunks or regular. I really like the coat quality we get with it; the flip side of that coin is that nails grow like CRAZY, and I'm forever trimming them, which is NOT our dogs' favorite activity. I do have to say, also, that there is a tremendous amount of GAS being "expelled" day and night here, and I'm considering changing to something else just to see how it works. We used Purina One a loooong time ago, but our black Cocker started turning RED, so we switched. Apparently, PO has (or had) a lot of beet root in it.
I'm very seriously thinking of adding some raw food to this diet, but am really concerned about salmonella with chicken...any thoughts??

From: Soy_Boricua77 Sent: 27/02/2004 22:52
I feed a combination of Flint River Ranch & Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul. This combo works well with Teddy. I will try this combo with Bentley when he comes home.


From: Terri2856 Sent: 28/02/2004 09:25
Karen, I feed Eukanuba and have also noticed a TON of gas as well. The more exercise I give Fallon seems to help in the gas. She loves the food and I have tried to switch but she will pick the old food from the new food and leave it. I am in the process of switching her over from the puppy to the adult maint formula.

From: Trishm7 Sent: 28/02/2004 09:38
Goodness, my mind is boggling with all the choices you seem to have in the USA Here in Australia, we have the Purina, Hills, Eukanuba, Iams, Pedigree and a few others, but nowhere near the choice that you guys have for your whippets..

From: -blinkiekatie- Sent: 28/02/2004 14:01
Katie was having upset tummy-->> diarrhea for months and after trying Iams, Iams adult, BARF, Wellness, Natural Balance, Natural Balance Veggie we finally tried Natural Balance Duck and Potato and bullseye! Firmed up her poop big time. Right now I feed her about 1/2 cup kibbs in the morning and a cup at night with 1/3 can of wet. It seems like I feed her more than it says to but her weight is just right so I'll keep doing it unless she becomes a porker.


From: SweetSweetalex Sent: 28/02/2004 15:09

I feed Alex Purina puppy chow (healthy morsels) and ol"roy canned meat. I only put in a little bit of the meat. Shelby is the same way, but her dry food is the Purina Little bites. When I first brought Alex home I fed him the little bites and he had gas something awful. I switched to the puppy chow and his gas is not so bad now. He loves to eat carrots and radishes too. So does Shelby.


From: marnaymastiffs Sent: 28/02/2004 16:34
I fed ProPlan for years and my dogs did well on it. Mastiffs and the Whippet. I switched to Nutro Natural Choice about 5 mos ago and they seem to like that as well. Not as much gas as the ProPlan.

Now Ember the Whippet has always been very very picky and hard to keep weight on. I feed her the high energy diet from Nutro, they have the canned as well as the dry. The Mastiffs get the Lamb and Rice.

From: JohnHeffernan Sent: 01/03/2004 12:49
Good question. We have been switching around a bit. We started out with Iams Lamb and Rice and also Iams canned but through trial and error found that one of our dogs got diarhea and gas at times from the canned food. We recently switched from Iams to Nutra High Protein (for athletic dogs) which they like and seems to helping one of ours fill out a little bit. They get one walk and one run a day besides the usual running around in the yard so we are more concerned with putting wieght on than extra weight. I am thinking of trying the SuperWellness 5 as well since it has gotten good ratings from Whole Dog Journal in the past.


From: MrsYogaGirl Sent: 01/03/2004 13:44
Our Zoe is underweight so we feed BilJac dry food mixed with (I think it is) Purina DINNER (vs the chunks). For treats we give her whatever bones/stuff we pick up for dogs and occassionally my husband tosses popcorn and almonds in her direction which she just loves.


From: SkWhippets2 Sent: 30/04/2004 04:03
We feed "Precise" . It was what Emmy and Houdini's breeder started them on as puppies and we've just stuck with it, as its a high quality super premium food :)


From: KarenzKritterz Sent: 30/04/2004 04:20
We have been feeding our guys Iams for 3 years; before that, we fed Eukanuba, made by Iams. However, I've noticed a TREMENDOUS amount of gas with my guys...nose-holding, paint-peeling, holy-cow-who-did-that gas. *G* So we decided to try changing their food. This past weekend, we went to the breeders of our Shelties, and I could not help but notice that the coats on their guys were fantastic, their eyes were bright and shiny, and their overall condition was just great. We asked about the food they fed, and were very surprised to find out that they feed Pedigree! They've been showing their dogs quite successfully for years, now, and have tried every food available. They do give several supplements, Mirra Coat, amino acids, and one other that I've forgotten. Piper had been there a month (our Sheltie bitch) and looked better than she's looked since we got her. You can hardly argue with success. Our vet, who sells Science Diet, says that he likes Pedigree too. So, we're giving Pedigree a shot, and are going to use the same supplements. I'll probably be in the minority here, as most people here feed the more expensive foods. I'll know in a month if there's a difference, and we'll make a decision then as to whether or not to try another food, stay with the Pedigree, or go back to the Iams.
Just an experiment,

From: Codywhippet Sent: 30/04/2004 04:29
Cody is on IAMs lamb and rice. no gas here

From: thielwhippets911 Sent: 30/04/2004 04:51
i use pro plan or purina one. i never buy anything with soy in the ingredients. soy is a good source of protein but soy is a bean, and beans = GAS. when i got my luke his breeder was feeding peddigree, but oh my, was he a gassy boy! i switched him over on the spot and since then the air is a much better color in here.

From: KarenzKritterz Sent: 30/04/2004 05:00
We used ProPlan years ago, but our black AM/CAN ch Cocker bitch started turning RED (she was jet black before). We found out that there was beet root in it, and changed to Science Diet, and she grew out the red and turned black again. But that was a zillion years ago; I'm sure they don't use beet root any more.

From: smartz74 Sent: 30/04/2004 06:50
When we got Luce we started her on Wellness Puppy because I had heard really good things about it on another whippet board. Unfortunately, she never really liked it, so recently we switched her over to Canidae. We have noticed a big improvement with her willingness to eat but I'm not sure I notice a difference overall (ie. coat, gas, stools).


From: Lv2tch3 Sent: 30/04/2004 16:26
Hello, with Tucker we use Nutro Natural Lamb and Rice Puppy. It's advertised to gurantee improvement of skin and coat. Well, Tucker is out first Whippet and I am not sure exactly what their coat is supposed to be like but he is SOOOO soft and his coat is very shiny. We also use the same brand canned food to stuff his Kong at times. We also use Missing Link Plus as a supplement, daily.


From: coolquaywhippets Sent: 04/05/2004 05:32
We feed our whippets EaglePack Holistic blend. They do very well on it. We have also tried "Wellness", but it made them a bit 'gassy'.

Ivy & the Coolquay Whippets gang

From: Mstwish Sent: 04/05/2004 09:26
Recently, we participated in a study for Purina One adult food, Lamb and Rice in particular.

My girls are fighting eachother at the food bowl. Especially Cricket-she took the throw rug and covered it so Phoebe wouldn't see it. After, she went out and ate the whole bowl!

I know that may not be a fancy name, big dollar dogfood, but the proof is in the eatin'!

Trish S.

From: skeezix123 Sent: 04/05/2004 15:16
We're on the Nutro lamb and rice band wagon.

From: whippet-run Sent: 04/05/2004 15:25
We use "California Natural" it only has 6 ingrediants and is all "human grade food" and yeah i have tasted it.. it is pretty good! :)

At night we mix a little wet food in ( Cal-Nat again ) first i nuke it for 20 seconds to make it mushy, then i mix it in with the dry and they love it.


From: HollyJAW Sent: 04/05/2004 15:27
We use Fromm Puppy Gold. I switched to it because it's made locally.

This is what my vet told me:
Most dog foods are pretty much the same. The cheaper foods use more fill. So, you have to feed them more food, and they poop more. More expensive foods have less fill, so you feed them less. In the end, they come out to cost you about the same per month. So, feed your doggies whatever they seem to like.

From: WebWILL2 Sent: 30/04/2004 12:56
For the morning meal my guys get Exceed Premium Performance (Sam's Club house brand - close to being a clone of Eukanuba Premium Performance, but 1/2 the price).

The evening meal is Exceed with some moist chunks mixed in, a level tablespoon of yogurt (to enhance the natural bacteria in the gut - cuts down on the gas) and 500 mg. of glucosomine.

Web, Wills & Sparky Marky

From: Shari-in-AL Sent: 30/04/2004 13:42
I feed both Zoe and Derby Canidae kibble mixed with a little warm water, a spoonful of Pedigree canned food, and a dollop of vanilla yogurt. The Canidae has really made a difference with Zoe, our greyhound. Her coat is so silky now, and she has grown fur on her formerly bald rear-end. It is a little pricey (~$40/40 pound bag), but I feel that it is worth it.


From: VestasDaddy Sent: 30/04/2004 14:34
Let's see-- for Princess Vesta:

Chopped baked chicken, 1/2 cup. Maybe some shredded cheese. We started off with Canidae, but she has REALLY zoomed in on Purina LA (limited antigen) so we give her a 1/2 cup of that as kibble. ... ydiets.asp

From: ottercatgirl Sent: 30/04/2004 18:04
We feed a combination of Euk Prem Perfomance and Nutro High Energy, with a daily dollop of yogurt and a few baby carrots.

Rio says it's not enough, but he's not in danger of being called a skinny whippet, by anyone's standard

From: donna Sent: 01/05/2004 13:40
Maxxium Nutrition once in the AM and again in the PM. I just put a lot down and let them eat until they are content before taking it up again.

From: JohnHeffernan Sent: 03/05/2004 13:34
We've been feeding Nutra High Energy but I am going to try Innova. I liked the Nutra but was worried it was too rich. We went to Nationals and a couple of show people said Patriot was fat! We had to put in on a canned green bean diet for 4-5 days to slim him down for the BOB... I still don't think he was fat but he does look good a little slimmer. They walk once a day 45 minutes, chase each other in the yard a couple times a day, and run with me from 30 minutes to 60 minutes daily. I alway wonder how much is just right. I was feeding 2 1/2 cups daily but went down to 2 cups.


From: mifawn Sent: 05/05/2004 01:53
We currently feed Wysong. We have fed other foods in the past.


From: NicPep Sent: 29/01/2005 01:22
We are feeding our boys about 1/2 cup chicken and ~1 cup Nutro Chicken/Rice/Oatmeal + some chopped fresh green bean or spinach...once in the am and once in the pm

BUT...I'm worried they're not getting all of their nutrients as they don't eat all of the kibble each meal. We do free feed the dry food.

I'm currently doing some research to make sure our boys get what's best. Lok has been eating on this diet for about 4 years, and he is an extremely healthy, but not overweight, whippet.

We'll see...any thoughts would be appreciated!

Craig Nic Loki and Singer

From: indogolfing Sent: 29/01/2005 01:41
in the morning they get a couple of large dog biscuits- one when I get up and one when I leave for work. In the evening they get 1 1/2-2 cups of dry food- right now it's diamond green bag. they get a handful of wysong archetype buffet in it, and whatever supplement I'm feeding. If we are open field coursing they'll get a small can of mighty dog, and I'll carry food in my backpack and feed them throughout the day, especially if it's very cold. I carry things like jerky treats, power bars, or wysong burgers.
they get water mixed in their food, and sometimes merrick canned dog food. They get raw venison whenever I've got it, and chicken wings partially frozen for their teeth.

From: surreyhill Sent: 29/01/2005 03:20
Mine seem to do about equally well no matter what I feed them. Some foods give them a less gas or more compact stools, or fewer stools--but otherwise, they seem to thrive on many different feeds judging by their overall condition.

One food I like a lot right now is the ProPlan Sensitive Skin & Stomach. Mind you, as much garbage and unspeakable other things as they consume on their own, they don't HAVE sensitive ANYTHING, but I like it that it's salmon-based, and they really do seem to love it. I've yet to find a Whippet that won't wolf it down.

The Purina O.N.E. in the grocery store for Sensitive Digestion is basically the exact same thing only in a slightly different shape.

They get it wetted with hot water, and half a packet of Pedigree for gravy.

Brewer's Yeast 3 times a week, Vit E 2 times a week, and an extra Omega-3 Fish oil capsule twice a week. If I remember.

Seriously, they just seem to do well on whatever I give them, and whatever they manage to steal from the counters, which we do not speak of. I change brands fairly often. They seem to like it if I mix it up a bit.

I know the dog books say don't do that, but it's worked just fine for the Whippets, here, and nobody picks at their food.

From: Miss-ChievousDad1 Sent: 29/01/2005 03:34
I feed Miss-Chievous 3/4 cup of Innova Adult kibble, and 1 oz of lean raw turkey, twice a day.
She gets carrots and fruit as snacks.

From: ScarlattiBombatti Sent: 08/03/2005 20:39
News in our newspaper of 07-03-05 in The Netherlands. I have tried to translate it into English and here under is the art. in Dutch. I hope thos warning comes in time and nobody has been hurt or worse died... yet


did anyone read in your newspapers over there that in Venezuela the PURINA kibble manufacturer has ordered to take back all bags of dog kibble?? In this food has been found a fungus which is deadly when your dog comes in touch with this food!
After a couple of owners of dogs were confronted with the death of their pet it became slowly clear that the cause of death of their pets had been noticed after they had been in touch with this food. In a couple of articles in local papers and radio programs was given attention to this after which the owners went to their vets and other official institutes.

After inspection it became clear that there had been found a fungus in this food that is responsible for the animal (in this case the dog) suffers extreme pains and starts to vomit. Also difficulty with breathing and bleeds occur where only by very fast intervenence by a vet a small chance is possible for recovery!

Also in animal hospitals of the Foundation of Venezuela the vets have been confronted with owners of very very sick dogs.. At first the doctors didnot know what to do it was a puzzle for them and it seemed there was nothing they could do to save the dogs. However after consultatrion with vets in Carácas it became evident that this was a fungus infection.
Purina has, in the meantime, taken out all the bags with the food out of the shops and made the promis all the 'damage' of the vet's bill to pay back to the owners whose pets have died already by this food (have been killed by this food)
In the meantime lots of owners have formed a club and are preparing lawsuits against Purina.
Amongst them lots of lawyers who have been confronted also with the poisoned food.

If it is possible if the food also can appear in other countries than in Venezuela is unknown until today.
More information on this Dutch website (translated: www. animal rescue help) Here you can also see the latest news about the raintragedy which has been the most hard on the thousands of homeless of Venezuela.


From: PurpleWhippet5PlusOne Sent: 08/03/2005 20:48
The Whippet Gang has been eating Purina Pro Plan since it first came out. They get just plain old Chicken & Rice Maintenance for breakfast and for supper the same but with home made canned food (only about 1 table spoon of the home made). I figure my dogs average life span has been 13 years old so I'm not changing anything :)

HJ & The Whippet Gang

From: engelsmom Sent: 08/03/2005 20:58
My ladies get free choice Purina One Lamb & Rice. It is the one kibble that they will consistently eat and have been on it about 9 years. In the morning they get a little canned Pedigree Chicken & Rice Chopped Dinner with their kibble. Both are in great shape.


From: ScarlattiBombatti Sent: 08/03/2005 22:47
I just meant well in telling this what I have read.. no offense meant.


From: patchnmike Sent: 08/03/2005 23:14
Thesi you warning will be taken as you intended it I am sure. People on this board don't take offense easily.

I feed Nutro Natural Choice kibble with a dollop of Wysong canned chicken or rabbit or duck. I add hot water and stir it all up. Yummmy..

From: ScarlattiBombatti Sent: 09/03/2005 07:02
Thanks Jini

From: WhippetSpa Sent: 09/03/2005 14:59
My dogs eat Innova dog food. It's very healthy and they love it! Karen

From: EricPahl Sent: 09/03/2005 15:03
Mossimo eats Nutra-Max easy to digest Lamb Meal and Rice formula. I had on the beef version of Nutra-Max but we did notice larger amounts of waste in the yard. Niles due to his allergies eats Natures Recipie Easy to digest Lamb Meal and Rice formula. Only problem is Niles likes Mossimos, and he isnt supposed to have it due to the wheat in it, and then Mossimo likes Niles food but it makes him gasy.

So we are totally sold on the Nutra-Max for smaller amounts of waste, and a great looking coat, and no gas to speak of.


From: skeezix123 Sent: 09/03/2005 15:04
NUTRO Natural Choice for us!


From: thielwhippets911 Sent: 09/03/2005 16:44

From: islandwhippets Sent: 10/03/2005 14:22
I have 2- 7 month whippet puppies who are very PICKY eaters. We have tried 4 different dry foods Nutro puppy, Nutro lamb & rice Purina, Bill & Jac they don't like any of them. I even tried making them chicken livers yesterday and they turned their nose up at them. The male doesn't like to eat in the morning so I will try to feed him at lunch and dinner. I made him chicken and pasta and he will eat the chicken and pick at the pasta. They are both very skinny and we are at are wits end. They do look treats! Yes, I have even not given them any biscuits till they eat their food. I bought chicken gravy to put on their dry food. They don't like it wet! ANy ides here.


From: EricPahl Sent: 10/03/2005 14:42
Mossimo went through a phase like this. Two things helped him become a big boy eater. First I kept him on the NutroMax easy to digest Lamb and Rice but I added some Mothers Nature "canned" on top of it. I would add just enough to get him interested.

Then as a follow up when he dosent appear to be interested I'll go sit in the floor next to his food and pitch him one piece at a time! Yes it's time consuming but I have followed it up with him making our fun eating sessions shorter and shorter (I call it going to Showbiz, or Chucky Cheese Pizza). We are at the point now where I can pitch him one, and he will run right over and eat.

Our Whips just dont have very big bellies do they? hahahaa

Good Luck!!!!

From: zeldamaewhip Sent: 14/03/2005 02:04
Zelda Mae Whippet loves her Fromm, we switch between the different flavors, one of the most important things to check for in my opinion is if the ingredients are human grade.

From: indogolfing Sent: 14/03/2005 02:18
I feed diamond or purina pro plan or o.n.e, with raw added periodically. No picky eaters here; they are fed once a day; if they don't eat all of it, it's picked up. i've had who occasionally didnt eat all her food, she'd be ready to eat it all the next day though, so she never missed two days. You can try adding water to the kibble, or canned food, but beyond that, they decide if they are hungry enough to eat or not. A dog that normally eats well and starts being picky will get a trip to the vet though. but other than that, they either eat thier meal or they are hungry enought to eat it the next day. They get a couple of large dog biscuits when I leave for work in the morning and get to clean all the dishes before they go in the sink.

From: mifawn Sent: 14/03/2005 03:36
We xurrently feed Prairie chicken and rice. We have fed it for about a year and are very happy with it.
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From: Darbysmom2 Sent: 22/03/2005 01:57
I've looked through the archives, but haven't seen anyone that feeds Pinnacle dog food - Chicken and Oats.

Has anyone on this list ever used Pinnacle's food and if so, how did your dogs do on it?

I used to feed Wellness, but after getting a couple of bags that looked almost burned, and having to return them, I decided to switch. I am feeding Natural Balance dry right now, and they seem to be doing well, but I was also interested in Pinnacle. I emailed the company for information regarding feeding trials, research,etc, but they are reluctant to share information via email.


Thanks, Vicky

From: heythorphunt Sent: 22/03/2005 02:05
Jack and Thomas get Nurto High Energy Dog food.

From: Gracedog01 Sent: 23/03/2005 16:22
Hi Vicky,
I don't have any experience with feeding the Pinnacle dog food, but I used to feed the feline formula to my cats a couple years ago. They did fine on it but weren't real thrilled with having to eat it.

Sorry I don't have more info to share!
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