Homemade 'Canned' Food

Homemade 'Canned' Food

Postby chelynnah » Thu Nov 27, 2008 10:27 pm

From: WhippetCapers (Original Message) Sent: 09/11/2006 02:53
I have had a lot of inquiries about food lately so I thought I'd post the easy homemade "canned" food that I make as it is incredibly simple. I got the recipe from GreyTalk over 2 years ago and my girls go nuts over it.

- Fill a crock pot with chicken thighs or chicken leg quarters

- Pour water in until it covers the chicken (mine is right to the rim of the crock pot)

- Turn it on Low and forget about it for 24 hours

That's it!! The bones turn to mush to the point that they can be simply crushed with a spoon or fork. You can then add carbs (rice, potato, pasta, etc), veggies, and supplements if you like.

A lot of people add this recipe to their dogs' kibble instead of using canned food. It's a lot less expensive, easy as pie, and much fresher. I feed raw but use this food while traveling and save the broth to rehydrate the dehydrated food that I buy. This is the only way I can get Caper to eat The Honest Kitchen. Bowls are guaranteed to be licked clean.

Lisa Duffy
Sophie &

From: indogolfing Sent: 09/11/2006 03:05
do you use the honest kitchen? I'm giving it a try, and adding raw meat to it- hamburger or chicken leg quarters, whatever I can find on sale. Still a bit of kibble mixed in that I'm using up. They love the honest kitchen, and it smells great. But it doesn't look too good, and I don't care for the consistancy, but the dogs don't mind. It's too expensive to feed alone, but is an easy way to balance a raw diet for the lazy ones among us, who don't even prepare food for our human families!
Cat can't eat it, the consistancy is just right for aspiration.

From: WhippetCapers Sent: 09/11/2006 03:26
I usuallly feed The Honest Kitchen a few days a week mixed with ground raw chicken necks and backs. Caper really doesn't like the taste of it so I have to mix in a lot of meat to get her to eat it. Rehydrating it with the chicken broth also helps tremendously when I remember to do it.

Ironically my IG will eat anything so it's never an issue.

Lisa Duffy
Sophie &

From: Fizgig Sent: 09/11/2006 03:42
We've been using this crock-pot "canned" food to stuff kongs as snacks...and it's awesome!

I also do bones/raw, but just couldn't bring myself to stuff a kong with raw "carnage". You can make this "canned" food as thick or thin as you want, which is convenient. And yes, the bones really do just mush up! I like knowing what's in it. I t freezes well too.

From: 3whippies Sent: 09/11/2006 04:47
My dogs LOVE it but it really makes your kitchen smell bad, awful, peeew --- when cooking it.


From: BrigitteGreen Sent: 09/11/2006 16:39
This looks like a great option for my Rescue guest, Jake, who thinks bones should be buried rather than eaten. I bought a new grinder and that is working to keep him fed, but it's a tremendous amount of work for me because there's so much cleaning and sanitation involved. I think the crockpot would be much, much easier. I'll give it a shot! Thanks for the tip.


From: kerryzrock Sent: 09/11/2006 21:20
I think I'm gonna try it (hope it doesn't smell too bad ) I love my crockpot and here's just another use for it.


From: surreyhill Sent: 09/11/2006 21:32
My husband gets a little cranky about smelling the crock pot for that period of time, but next time he is out of town, I might try it.

What I do to make canned food in the crock pot only takes about 7 hours, so it can be done during the day and then turned off before he gets home from work....

I put two packs of chicken gizzards and hearts, about a cup and half of barley, and about four cups of low sodium chicken broth in the crock pot. Sometimes I add some cut up beef heart and a little garlic powder, or chicken livers. I also add a sprinkle of Spirulina powder when it's done cooking--turns it green, but I think it adds some good stuff.

That seems to make a nice goop that they not only like on their food but will eat on the road.

From: kentruth Sent: 09/11/2006 22:05
I do something very similar to this for my crew. I use my stock pot to cook up chicken leg quarters and some rice as a thickener and then puree the lot in the blender, (make sure it is a professional grade blender the kind that can make frozen drinks) My husband doesn't seem to mind the smell of the slow cooking chicken and veggies etc. etc. there was an episode when we were first married and I had put on a pot of stew for the dogs and had gone out for a couple of hours, to come home to my husband and a couple of his soldiers thoroughly enjoying their 2nd helping of "Homemade Soup". Imagine their faces when I told them that it was for the dogs. Needless to say Howard always asks now when he sees the stock pot on the stove if it is for us or the animals.


From: patchnmike Sent: 10/11/2006 00:19
Lesley....what a hoot!!!

From: BrigitteGreen Sent: 13/11/2006 19:14

I just wanted to thank you for posting this recipe. I made a batch and ended up feeding it to the dogs yesterday as a wonderful warm meal for a rainy, cold day, and they LOVED it!

They loved it so much that I traded in my small crock pot for a huge 6-quart model. This is the perfect solution for the Rescues who aren't used to raw meaty bones. Thanks again.


From: WhippetLuvs Sent: 13/11/2006 19:20
What is Honest Kitchen??????


From: WhippetCapers Sent: 13/11/2006 21:53
Elayne, here is a link to The Honest Kitchen. It is an all-natural dehydrated dog food.

Lisa Duffy
Sophie the IG
& Capercaillie

From: patchnmike Sent: 14/11/2006 02:30
Lisa I have my first batch cooking in my new crock pot! I couldn't find any thighs....can you believe it....so I bought breasts...no skin no bone and, I mean I filled that sucker to overflowing. The dogs are all wandering around hoping that I'll start eating whatever smells so good so they can have a bite. Next time I'll look a little further for the thighs or leg quarters. Do you remove the skin or not.

From: indogolfing Sent: 14/11/2006 13:34
boneless skinless chicken breasts???? I'll be over with some sweet chili sauce and rice, forget the dogs!

From: Windsheen1 Sent: 14/11/2006 15:23
I also just made my first batch of homemade "canned" food.

What I did is take my 5 qt slow cooker, filled with chicken thighs and legs topped off with water and let it cook overnight on low.

Then I added white rice and pasta. But I think I added it to soon as it made the mixture sort of sticky.

The meat fell right off the bone, but the bones did not get soft enough so I picked them out. Now I have enough to last me about a week and I feed 7 whippets. It mixes very well with the kibble and they love it.

Jodi J. Ellison
Windsheen Whippets

From: 5whippets Sent: 15/11/2006 17:45
I tried this recipe also & the bones did not soften, even after 24 hours! I did my mixture a little bit different...I took green beans & carrots, put them in my little chopper. I did the same with the chicken...mixed everything together. My dogs also chowed down on it. It has the same consistency as regular canned dog food. I have 6 whippets & 1 greyhound to feed, so hopefully, this will prove to be more cost effective & I know its probably healthier for them. Adding rice or pasta to it...wouldn't that possibly add weight to your whippet? I have a couple that sure don't need that...lol!!!

Take care,

Mich. WRAP

From: kentruth Sent: 15/11/2006 18:00
I only add a half cup of rice to 3 quarts of water as a thickener, the rice is soooo....over cooked that it acts as a thickener like flour in water, it doesn't add any bulk so to speak. My stew/soup ends up a gravy consistancy so each dogs gets a quarter cup on their kibble per meal.


From: BrigitteGreen Sent: 15/11/2006 18:09
I added oats as my thickener, plus vitamins. I normally wouldn't feed this way, but in one batch I think I made 3-4 days worth of food for 5 dogs. Talk about cheap, too. I think I better use it because I don't want it to spoil.


From: ZoeyWhippet Sent: 15/11/2006 18:56
I definitely need to try this as it HAS to be cheaper to feed 13 dogs, than bought canned.

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