Favourite Treat

Favourite Treat

Postby chelynnah » Thu Nov 27, 2008 10:35 pm

From: whippetmom (Original Message) Sent: 21/12/2003 23:00
Whenever I go grocery shopping it is my whippet's favorite thing to inspect all my bags when I get home, and if they don't get a treat they are not happy!!! So today I gave them bully sticks. They go crazy for them! They are braided bully sticks. What is your favorite treat or dog bone to give your whippets?


From: Rinnare Sent: 22/12/2003 01:27
Hi Heather,
Reese loves bully sticks, but, even better, "Beef taffy tips" - really gross things from a place called Doggie Deli. Don't ask me what part of the cow they're made of! Rinna loves everything. They also like braided things, especially braided pig-hide.

From: brydiesMom Sent: 22/12/2003 01:39
OK so I spend a fortune on whippee treats... but their favorite ..... ICE CUBES?????

From: WhipPetLisa Sent: 22/12/2003 02:00
That's funny...one of Stryder's favorite treats is ice cubes. He can be at the far end of the yard and still hear the ice maker when we put ice in a glass.

If Casino takes one he throws it on the tile to break it into pieces. He might eat one piece if he is in the mood, but usually just makes a mess. Stryder takes his cubes and disappears with his treasures.

We don't give raw hides. My guys love the flavored Nylabones. They love Beggin Strips and Scooby Snacks. I don't give them a lot of those.

From: JohnHeffernan Sent: 22/12/2003 13:18
I'd say there favorites are marrow bones and those pig parts...

I am going to try ice cubes though. I notice that Patriot is always trying to eat ice outside...

From: skeezix123 Sent: 22/12/2003 13:18
Carrots and Broccoli stems and bones. Shoot they'll eat just about anything I give them.

From: GoodWhippets Sent: 22/12/2003 13:59
I really think Nicki's "favorite" treat is string cheese. I found this out because one day in Agility class, I was giving him that "special treat" for doing SOOO well running the course when right next to me was a class mate giving her dog string cheese. Suddenly his complete attention was aimed at that cheese! After that, string cheese is that VERY SPECIAL treat that he gets when he does well in training.

Mimi and Leah, on the other hand, really doesn't seem to have a favorite treat or bone that I can tell. To them---ANYTHING WILL DO---THANK YOU!


From: GoodWhippets Sent: 22/12/2003 14:15
On my just sent message on this subject, I said that Nicki's "favorite treat" is string cheese! I think I need to alaborate on this a bit. If I were completely honest with myself, I would say that his "favorite" may very well be nothing more than what he sees another dog getting from it's owner at that particular point in time. Afterall, it just might be "better" than what he is getting! Right now, it's string cheese but tomorrow it maybe something else. I guess he tells me that I need to keep my options open.
"Grass is always greener on the other side"!

Jean & Nicki

From: chelynnah Sent: 22/12/2003 17:10
Chelsea goes NUTS for broccoli stems Vee - I thought she was just strange!! When I make a chicken and veg soup she begs for the broccoli stems even more than for the chicken!! Go figure, silly dog.

From: -blinkiekatie- Sent: 23/12/2003 16:14
katie's favorite treat is anything in your hand that happens to be edible. she really likes carrots and POPCORN! As far as dog treats go.. yeah, try anything, she's right there waiting for another.


From: §HAZ♥ Sent: 23/12/2003 17:01
That's funny, milo loves to crunch on ice cubes too....it's funny how you find out these things, with milo, i dropped one and he quickly picked it up and really enjoyes it. He really loves muncing on raw carrot too, again, feeding my 2 ginuea pigs i dropped some carrot and there he was to try it out, now i always give him some when i am feeding the G/pigs. He loves those beggin strips too, and boy do i make him work for them.....lol....shake a paw, high five, sit, talk.......never dropped any broccoli, will have to next time we have some.....

From: KarenzK9z Sent: 23/12/2003 17:13
Can you believe it...Grace will do ANYTHING for a Ritz cracker! When she hears the paper crackle, she'll come running from anywhere in the house, and STAAAARE at you till she gets one. She scarfs that one down, then the staring starts again! It's a hoot, as she is very picky about treats.
Jean, GREAT pic! That dawg's havin' a good time!! *G*

From: WildAbout_Whippets Sent: 23/12/2003 21:59
I know I have told you this before, but Scotch goes bonkers over peanuts and beer! She begs and drools and begs and drools and begs and drools!! I think she'd rather have peanuts and beer than a steak. Don't worry we don't let her drive after she drinks We never really intend for her to drink beer, she just helps herself to any glass left on the coffee table unattended! We have learned to always take our glass with us no matter where we go in the house.


From: HaleyWhippet Sent: 23/12/2003 22:27
Miss Haley likes Dog cookies from the cookie bar, Bonz, cheese, marrow bones, burgers, chinese food, anything!
She is a chow hound!

From: Gracedog01 Sent: 23/12/2003 22:45
Syd also goes bonkers for beer! Now I see where Syd gets it from Auntie Scotch must have started his training when he was just a little guy

From: Patience Sent: 23/12/2003 23:46
Well I don't know about anyone else, but I prefer Evil Skank-head Bushtail Tree Rodent bones. And I prefer them to be still in the Evil Skank-head Bushtail Tree Rodent. And I prefer the Evil Skank-head Bushtail Tree Rodent to be ambling accross my teeny little city yard when I CHEW UP my Evil Skank-head Bushtail Tree Rodent bones.
HAHAHAHAHAHA and BITE ITs Evil Skank-head Bushtail Tree Rodent little buck tooth head off.
But my pathetic excuse for a Servant rarely brings home an Evil Skank-head Bushtail Tree Rodent from the gracery store. So we have to settle for greenies and rawhides - BIG ONES TOO! - and anything we can grab off the counter when they're not looking.
sweetly yours,
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