What Length Show Lead Do You Use?

What Length Show Lead Do You Use?

Postby chelynnah » Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:04 pm

From: SueHop (Original Message) Sent: 08/10/2005 00:25
Just wondering what people prefer to use in the ring. Longer, shorter, contrasting, or same color as the dog?


From: surreyhill Sent: 08/10/2005 00:32
Well, unless we are showing a Scottish Terrier, plaid show leads are RIGHT OUT OF THE QUESTION!

I think that it depends on what the dog responds to. Most Whippets, I find, carry their heads better once fully trained on a plain, flat Resco-style noose lead. But when they are still in need of the periodic correction or "snap", you can show them on a harmoniously-colored "jewel" choke or a nylon "bullet lead" with a swivel snap. Many have found that a chain martingale works well.

It really does depend on the dog. But for me, when my Whippet is really plugged in to the show ring thing, a simple noose Resco is the best. To see a happy showing Whippet moving out on a loose Resco is breathtaking.

From: Bheki Sent: 08/10/2005 01:05
I was told leads were not to be noticed .So not to color contrast.If dogs neck is white use white.Brindle/dark or dark use brown or black.I have a black whippet with neck marking white but on the show side is black.So i went black.Hope this explains some..Bheki

From: piedane Sent: 08/10/2005 01:26
Well I can't comment on Whippet show leads although the few times we showed Cinnamon (a red brindle) I used white because she has a white collar.

For my Danes, who are fawns, I use a metal choke chain and black leads. One of mine came with a brown show collar but I thought it was ugly. LOL I have used the nylon collars but with them they choked themselves worse with the nylon.

My daughter who is 6 yrs old shows her Chinese Crested in a hot pink satin martingale type collar. I am not sure what you call it but it is about an inch thick right at the base of her neck and then goes into a small lead. She also has a purple and white show leads and she color coordinates with her outfits. She picked out the collars and the different colors.. of course that is what 6 yrs olds pick. I was worried at first that she would be looked down upon with the strange colors but the judges actually get a kick out of it. She got a 5 pt major last time she went out with the hot pink collar on so I guess nobody cares.


From: whippetwatch/Mary Magee Sent: 08/10/2005 02:16
My tack box has a wide variety in it from resco wide flat chokes and noose types, skinny martingale styles (in leather and in nylon, 1 metal martingale collar too), nylon chokes, leather choke, chain serpentine chokes in gold and silver ... color wise I have white, tan, cream, black, red, dark brown, deep blue (which blends better on some blacks than the black), well about every color out there. Length depends on the dog, how well trained as well as its personal desire for the ring. I have everything from 3foot to 6foot lengths but most generally I use a 4foot. Phase and Jezz showed on longer leads as they would move out and show better if they had 'room', Choice I use a 4ft which gives room for him if he behaves but yet if he's being 'too happy' I can easily shorten the lead (he's one I have to show on a chain due to his over happy personality - or he will forget he's 'working' and try to visit everyone by going into a superman flight pattern *sigh*).

Try different things, see what Sammi responds to the best AND what you feel comfortable with holding in your hand. Sometimes the longer leads just are a big pain to try to keep wadded up in your hand and end up flopping around in the wind and look sloppy. I recall watching a video of me showing a specific dog about 8 yrs ago and boy was it educational!!! I realized right off that the lead I was using with him was way too long, that I wasn't holding it up enough and on the whole it gave a sloppy appearance - that lead got retired at that moment, I just went with a shorter more narrow nylon for him and it looked a lot better and was easier for me to manage it.


From: chelynnah Sent: 08/10/2005 12:56
Our show lead is a half check. Handle to the chain is 32 inches, chain is 6-7 inches. Most of it is rolled up in my hands most of the time, but I still like to keep it that long so we can do potty runs etc.

Savvy I have matching. I couldn't match Teya so bought a black one for her, but then found the most stunning RICH burgundy for her so we went with contrasting. I prefer to match if I can, but she was impossible. So I had this burgundy leather whippet collar and said if I ever found a show lead that colour that would be it - and we found it at her very first show!

I have spare leads as well - a slightly darker one for Savvy that was bought for us and the people weren't sure exactly her colour at the time so they figured darker was safer than lighter. That's the one I keep in my purse for matches and fun shows and ring training. And Teya's spare is now the black one. She also had a chocolate brown one, but there was a flaw in the chain and it got sent back and the people have since disappeared


From: surreyhill Sent: 08/10/2005 13:51
For the hard-to-match rose fawns and burnt sienna colored Whippets, my old friend in Canada, Linda Buchholz, had a rather novel technique. She'd get a white resco and dye it by steeping it in strong tea. I guess you could do a half-and-half of black tea and maybe a raspberry herbal if you were trying to match Teya.

From: chelynnah Sent: 08/10/2005 14:22
Thanks Karen - I'll keep that in mind


From: Melly Sent: 08/10/2005 16:48
Does anyone use the soft kangaroo braided leads and do you like them, I use one for my dobe. Where is the best place to get them?


From: 7777LisaJ Sent: 08/10/2005 17:14
Can anyone send pictures and explain which one you call what please? I have a whole box with show leads with me, but I would like to know if any of them are the same as you all are talking about! I want mine to be as much as possible the same color as the dog, but I use different types on different dogs, and sometimes from show to show on the same dog depending on the dogs mood that day.

I don't get this:
Most Whippets, I find, carry their heads better once fully trained on a plain, flat Resco-style noose lead. But when they are still in need of the periodic correction or "snap", you can show them on a harmoniously-colored "jewel" choke or a nylon "bullet lead" with a swivel snap. Many have found that a chain martingale works well.

What do they look like?

Thanks Lisa J.

From: chelynnah Sent: 08/10/2005 17:26

The ones we have from JR Whippet Rescue are 1/2 checks (or martingales). I can't remember if you got the all leather ones or the ones with the chain bit.

That's the only one I can for sure help you with.


From: whippetwatch/Mary Magee Sent: 08/10/2005 17:59
Here's a site that sells quite a few different kinds and has photos up of them for the person wanting to know

hope that helps. :)

From: whippetwatch/Mary Magee Sent: 08/10/2005 18:01
Something I seen several years ago was a woman showing a mini white poodle in a black velvet outfit. Instead of matching all of the lead/collar to the dog or her she had white collar on the dog and used a black lead ... you seen nothing then and it was really a sharp idea.

From: Romewhip Sent: 08/10/2005 18:36

Here's a small selection of show leads, sorry the pic isn't too good. First is a braided nylon, with a 4 ft leather lead, for a dog who really moved out in the ring. Second is a 'jewel' choke chain, with an all-in-one Resco for a lead. The Resco is knotted for training, so handler knows where suitable lengths were for the dog. You can do this in the ring too, not just for training. Third is a braided nylon choke, with a loop-end Resco for lead. This collar has had a kangaroo leather lead ordered for it, I like them for their strength and look. Fourth is a small all-in-one Resco, used mainly on my trained whippet girls. Fifth is a large all-in-one Resco, for a bigger dog, like a boy, or a puppy. Sixth is a narrow nylon all-in-one, collar and lead, with a swivel in the lead. I used this on my big boy when I needed more control than the regular wider braided collar. Seventh is a nylon martingale, this one is toy size. Eighth is another form of all-in-one, with a slide adjustment neck and a swivel in the lead. Ninth is a braided nylon choke with matching nylon braided lead.
Here's a recent dilemma I have had- the dog is seal brown, with a full white collar. Normally I would use a white lead, but the white collar is fairly narrow, does not start immediately behind the ears but rather a little farther down, and he does not have white legs. So in order to be the least distracting I have ordered him a dark brown lead and collar.

Hope this helps!
Jenny and the Rome Whippets

From: 7777LisaJ Sent: 08/10/2005 22:03
Thank you for explaining! I looked at the link Mary too, thanks! Wendy I have a few different ones from JR Whippet rescue, but none with the chain. I use the all in one I guess you can call them, I wish they were a little longer though....The ones with small silver balls(!) martingale style, my girls don't like very much. I heard that it's hard to get a hold of these kind from JR nowadays right?

Lisa J.

From: chelynnah Sent: 08/10/2005 23:41
Yup - they made them all leather or with chain. Unfortunately their supplier has stopped making them (or at least letting them have any). They've not had any since well before Crufts and are trying to find a new source. She's found some similar, but another £10 on the price!


From: SueHop Sent: 09/10/2005 05:43
Thanks everyone. I have two right now - one the flat resco type which is too stiff in my hand, and one that is a narrow nylon slip type which is too long and I spend a lot of time wadding it up in my hand.

I looked at all the ones they had at the dog show I attended today, but didn't buy anything as I could not make up my mind. I may have a friend braid one for me - probably somewhere between 3' and 4'.

And Karen - don't you think my clan Donald plaid lead would look fabulous on Sammi in the ring? Oh shoot. Never mind because I gave that one away.


From: chelynnah Sent: 09/10/2005 11:16

You can soften up the show leads (if I can do it with tough leather, then you can with the resco lead) just by sitting and kneading them in your hands while you're watching TV or something. Just scrunch them in your hands and play with them while you watch TV. My red leather one for Teya was quite tough (I never liked that type) but just by folding it up into my hand at shows it softened up nicely enough for me to be happy with it.


From: Romewhip Sent: 09/10/2005 16:11
Sue- here's my personal recommendation for you, knowing you and Sammie a little, I'd use a choke collar either the wider braider nylon or Resco makes a collar only too. Then either a braided leather lead, like a kangaroo lead, probably 3 or 3.5 ft long. There's a trick for the Rescos- Resco leads are waxed cotton, and if you soak it for a minute in hot water it will release some of the wax, making the lead much softer. I always do this, makes it much easier to bunch up in my hand. Since I also have had to use mostly white Rescos over the years I also have to wash them, so they get soft pretty quick. Only problem with Rescos is they don't last like good leather.
And Miss Ridge loves her McDonald plaid collar, goes with her plaid coat so well!
Jenny and the Rome Whippets

From: Kirislin1 Sent: 10/10/2005 07:07
Melly & Sue if you're after kangaroo hide show slips I make them. I do them as a simple slip lead but the part the goes around the neck is a flat plait as it's kinder on the neck & then it changes into a round plait for the lead going back into a flat plait for the handle. I mostly make them 48-50" but can do any length you want.
You can email me if you are interested.
lindameerman at hotmail.com


From: 7777LisaJ Sent: 10/10/2005 07:16
can you send a picture of the ones you make please?
Lisa J.

From: Kirislin1 Sent: 10/10/2005 08:12
I'll try Lisa


Far out I cant believe it I did it! I have various tones of brown that I can make these in as well. This doesn't show the handle but it's a flat plait like the neck part.
[photo unavailable]


From: Sally Sent: 10/10/2005 20:38
Hi Sue!

Here is my favorite, second from the top:

It's a one-piece lead and simple choke combo with a "bullet" swivel connecting the two - no twisted lead! I love the swivel! If you click for the close-up, you can see the material the lead is made from better. It's very soft and easy to clean (I just wad it up in my hand, squirt on some dish detergent or shampoo, and scrub - I use the "white dog" shampoo for the white leads, too.). Since the material is soft, it loosens and slips down the dog's neck easily, for a nice loose-lead look on the go-around. The size of the collar part should be large enough to slip easily over the dog's head, which is the right size to rest at the base of a whippet's neck, too. The lead part is about four feet long. It's long enough for a whippet to move out nicely, but not leave you in the dust , and the soft material is easy to gather up in one hand when stacking the dog. Did I mention that I really like this type of lead?
I agree with letting the leash blend in with the dog's neck coloring.


From: 7777LisaJ Sent: 11/10/2005 16:15
Thaks Linda for the picture! I wrote an answer before but I guess MSN ate it up!
Sally would you mind taking a picture of the lead from the link ON one of your dogs? I wonder where the peice of metal is laying when put on the dog. How long is your "neckpiece"?
Lisa J.

From: 7777LisaJ Sent: 11/10/2005 21:02
For Sally!

From: Sally Sent: 11/10/2005 23:06
Oh! Hi, Lisa! Sorry, I've been out of it the past few days, and not spending much time at the computer.
I put a black show lead on Dena so it would show up well. Here it's in a loose position:

Here it's up under her throat, like it would be for stacking at a show; I often hold the dog's head up by putting one finger inside the collar: [photo unavailable]

That was the "big" black lead for the boy pups. The collar part is 14 1/2 inches, not counting the metal rings. It is WAY big on Dena!
Here is Dena in her white show lead, which is 12 1/2 inches, not counting rings - you see the collar is long enough to slip easily over her head, but not much longer: [photo unavailable]

Here is Starman (with his winnings from the WRA Nat. Match); you can see how I have one finger inside the collar, and the lead bundled up in my hand:


I like to have the rings at the top of the collar, behind and between the dog's ears, but some people like to have the rings under the dog's right ear or throat.
I hope these pictures show what you needed to see.


From: 7777LisaJ Sent: 12/10/2005 10:40
Thanks Sally!
I hope your feeling better, I didn't mean to rush you, just didn't want the thread to disappear down the side!
I have the rings on the side for some dogs and on top for some.... thinking about maybe ordering one of those. We'll see!
Take care,
Lisa J.

From: SueHop Sent: 12/10/2005 21:02
Thank You Sally. I think I will order one of those to try out with Sammi.


From: 7777LisaJ Sent: 15/11/2005 11:59
I finally looked up this thread again and called Tamarack pet products and ordered some leads that you use Sally. A friend was here at the time so she wanted a couple for her male whippets too.
So now we are just waiting for the mailman to drop them off some day soon!
Lisa J.
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