Whippet pup with two Italian Greyhounds

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Whippet pup with two Italian Greyhounds

Postby Pipremus90 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:48 am

Hi there,
I will be adding a whippet pup to our little pack shortly. I currently have 2 Male IGs who are both very gentle. I was veering towards picking a female whippet pup but I'm undecided. I do love the nature of my two Male IGs however the house training issue drives me crazy. I know whippets are much cleaner and easier to house train however I am still really hesitant to introduce another Male into the house if he is going to mark indoors wherever my IG has wee'd (if he smells it somewhere). Would I be better choosing a female whippet to avoid this Male marking behaviour? Are female whippets just as sooky and affectionate as the males? Or would I be ok to go ahead and pick a male whippet as they're less inclined towards indoor potty issues? I'm really just after an even tempered, affectionate "velcro" whippet who wont wee on my furniture! :confusion-shrug:
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Re: Whippet pup with two Italian Greyhounds

Postby Septembergirl » Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:40 pm

My male whippet apparently has bad aim and somehow manages to urinate on the back or one of his front legs more than half of the time. There is nothing wrong with him anatomically according to the vet. Definitely not an issue with every male whippet, just one we're dealing with.

His preferred marking target is the corner of a bed near the footboard, where he can wet the duvet, footboard, and the carpeting all in one shot. After three such incidents in different bedrooms (in different houses), he is restricted from ALL bedrooms. Love my Forest but wish he had female anatomy.
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Re: Whippet pup with two Italian Greyhounds

Postby Popsicle » Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:13 pm

My female Whippet is exceptionally clean, my first Whippet and indeed, first dog so I cannot compare but I had no idea a Whippet would be so particular. House trained and no accidents from 10 weeks old. She is also very affectionate and will follow me around everywhere, she's just there, not bugging me or harassing me for anything, just checking I've not escaped through a trap door or been abducted while she wasn't looking! We have beds for her in all our downstairs rooms, when she is content I haven't disappeared, she will settle down in whichever room I am in.
In response to septembergirl Pops will tripod wee! So horrified is she to get anything on her paws she will hold up a back paw while crouching to wee so she actually has only 3 paws on the ground, she will then 'aim' towards the point there is the most free space and avoid any contact with paws, fur or baldy bits! She once stood in poo and spent ages flicking her paw aka polaroid picture stylee, in and effort to get the poo off. In these situations I am expected to help out with baby wipes or tissue.
That said, with all her funny ways, she will then run off and gobble a big mound of mouldy poo. She will always keep me guessing!
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Re: Whippet pup with two Italian Greyhounds

Postby OregonLuca » Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:25 am

I have both a boy and girl. Our boy is very affectionate but almost in a desperate needy way. He also pees on his front leg(s) fairly frequently and then stops the walk to lick himself clean. Our girl is also affectionate, but not as needy. She is more demanding for play than our boy. She is very tidy with potty habits. Both were potty trained by 14 weeks--the boy a bit sooner than the girl. Neither has peed in the house since. I think temperament just depends on the individual whippet. Probably best to ask the breeder to pick a pup who seems to have what you are looking for. One thing to consider is size; my boy is 35 lbs versus the girl being 26 lbs. Does it matter if your whippet is a little bigger or a lot bigger than the iggies? Just a thought.
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