Whippet puppy being sick after eating

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Whippet puppy being sick after eating

Postby Bes » Wed Nov 20, 2019 11:13 am


We are struggling a bit with our 7 month old Whippet and nausea.

He is nearly 7 months old so has recently gone from 3 meals per day to 2.

About 10 days ago he went off his food (which was either raw chicken or kibble) completely and would not keep anything down for almost 48hrs - I think he had a bad stomach. He seemed to get over this through a diet of cooked turkey and rice for a day or 2. A few days later was at the vet for a check upanyway so I told them about it, and they said if he seemed to have recovered (which he did) then not to worry. He also got the ‘all clear’ in terms of his overall health (No test or anything were performed, the vet just weighed him and gave him a once over). I haven't noticed anything strange about his poop or anything and he is showing absolutely no signs of ill health.

Since he went off his food 10 days ago, we kept him on cooked food, as he seems to like it more and he really didn’t seem keen on the raw after his sickness. We bought a box of mixed tubs of food (Some lamb, some turkey, some beef) as we were not sure what he would like (He seems to get bored of food quickly), and we were a little worried without him having eaten for 2 days.

We are feeding him the amount the packaging says, which from memory (don’t have access to the packaging at the moment) is around 300 grams twice per day. The problem is if he goes out, just walking to the market or the station (around 1-1.5 hrs after eating), he will be sick several times (Lots of little sicks). What could be causing this? (This does not happen if I feed him breakfast around 7:30 then let him chill inside until I take him to the park around 12/1). Again, he seems perfectly fine in every other respect and he does not seem to get sick if he is just chilling at home. I've owned dogs before (German Shepherd, Labrador, Great Dane X), but never Whippets so don't know if there is something specific to the breed:

- Are we taking him out too soon after eating?
- Are we feeding him too much in one go?
- Do you think the variety of meats he is getting is too much for him?
- Is this an indicator of something more serious?

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Re: Whippet puppy being sick after eating

Postby chelynnah » Thu Nov 21, 2019 5:32 pm

Does the food you're buying in have bone mixed in with it? If so it shouldn't be cooked at all. Cooked bone is hard on their tummies and they struggle to digest it, so it might be the cooking that's causing an issue, and he may be trying to get rid of the cooked bone.

It shouldn't be a problem going out an hour or so after eating. So I wouldn't think that would be it.

It might be that he needs to go back to 3 meals as maybe his tummy can't take quite so much at one time.

I'd also suggest not changing up his food if he's not interested. You can create a really picky eater and that's not good. If you give him something else when he turns his nose up then he learns that there might be something better. I'm not saying don't rotate his food, but don't let him decide he's not going to eat x today he'd like y. I hope that made sense. We do like to vary our girls' diets, but the only ones we allow to be finicky are the oldies.

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Re: Whippet puppy being sick after eating

Postby Bes » Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:09 am

Thanks - I think a more gradual switch over to 2 meals is what is needed here. We have experimented with portions a little over the last week or so, and he seems better now
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