Double WRA May 17-18 in Danville, IN, USA!

All whippet fanciers welcome here! Join us and meet whippet lovers from around the world.

Double WRA May 17-18 in Danville, IN, USA!

Postby Sally Long » Mon May 12, 2014 3:42 am

Whippet racing fans, we hope you can join us for these meets in a great new location, the Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds in Danville, IN! The long-range forecast calls for perfect racing temps in the 60’s, and some rain in the next couple of days to make the ground nice for whippet feet. :D

Everything you need to know is on our club website: Just work your way down the left-hand menu for all the pertinent info, the entry form, meal ordering, and the fantastic RAFFLE goodies you could win. :banana-dance:

Some key points:

**Pre-entries close Wednesday, 05/14/14, 11 PM, EDT. The entry form and PayPal payment info are on the MWRA website.

**Lunches will be catered by Kevin’s Kitchen, but you MUST pre-order, and please do so by 10 PM EDT tomorrow, May 12th for the lowest price of $6 per lunch. After tomorrow night, the price goes up to $8, so get those orders in! The order form is on the MWRA website, and be sure to follow instructions for PayPal payment at the top of the meal order page.

**The raffle will be open to non-attendees, and tickets may be purchased via PayPal to as a “personal” transaction so fees are not deducted. 1 ticket.... $1.00; 15 tickets..... $10.00; 40 tickets..... $20.00; 150 tickets.... $50.00. See the raffle photos below (More may be added, so check back on the MWRA web site or facebook), and tell us what baskets you want your tickets in. Good luck!

Raffle Basket 1

Raffle Basket 2

Raffle Basket 3

Raffle Basket 4

Raffle Basket 5

Raffle Basket 6

Raffle Tote

*There will also be a "basket" of yummies from Raw Paws! :cookie:

I sincerely hope you will bring your whippets out to enjoy this new location with us! We’re looking forward to seeing you! :animals-bunnywhite:

Sally Long
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