Help with distress/anxiety when left alone

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Help with distress/anxiety when left alone

Postby whiplover21 » Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:11 am

Hi guys, I've got an almost 5month whippet named Odie with me, and he is absolutely wonderful, no trouble with disobedience much. The only problem I'm currently facing is when leaving him alone, and I'm getting a bit worried.

So a little background:-
I've had him since 8 weeks and have taught him basic commands like sit, lie, wait, find treats, fetch, etc. I used to leave him alone when he was about 10-12 weeks for about an hour with no problems, I'd watch him through the webcam and he'd be asleep. :sleeping-blue:

As from about 2 weeks back(4months old then) he began howling/barking(it does not sound like crying) and he does not sleep as such. He will move around, lie by the door, then later maybe get up and start barking.

He is not a "velcro" dog, he'll follow me sometimes if he thinks I have food, hehe. He entertains himself when I'm home by himself, with his chew toys, plastic bottles, etc. If I shut the bathroom door between us he might give a short whimper but then go off to do his things.
He appears to show no anxiety when I am about to leave(except sometimes he'll plop down by the door for his rest)/ leave and does not attempt to come out the door with me. Sometimes when he is on the carpet close to sleeping he'll lift his head to watch me leave, then he'll get back to sleeping. Other times he'll move around for a bit then sleep by the door(relaxed, on his side, with all fours spread out) and I've kept him like this for 10-20mins or so.
There is no destruction made when we are away, and he won't poop or pee when we're gone. The only issue is his barking/howling.

Worrying part:-
Sometimes he'll be up and refuse to sleep, even though he's got exercise and hasn't slept for 4 hours. Normally if we were at home he'd call it a night! Yesterday he was barking intermittently when we left him for about an hour and a half.

What I'm doing to make it better:-
He has free roam of the house, i.e the corridor, hall and my bedroom when we are away.
I leave everyday in the evening for 10-20mins currently and he has recently stopped howling while I'm away for that period of time, he chooses to lie down on the floor by the door. I do not say bye/make eye contact and do not greet him for until 30-60 seconds once I'm home.
Should I give him access to my balcony while we're away(he won't be able to jump out, we have grills) so he can see the world go by when he's bored? He doesn't bark at dogs/weird things go by, he's pretty quiet that way.

Do you guys think he will just grow out of this? Is it seperation anxiety? (He is about 5 months now) I'm getting a bit worried as we live in an appartment complex and would not like the neighbours to get disturbed.

So to recap, he does not get anxious when we leave, does not destroy/have potty accidents, sometimes he'll lie by the door but other times he'll walk around a bit then begin howling. Sorry for the long post.
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