Whippet Skin vs Tree Branch

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Re: Whippet Skin vs Tree Branch

Postby chelynnah » Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:47 pm

solosmom wrote:I should amend the title of this post. The vet ran a culture on the wound as the sutured skin was turning necrotic and she found the bacteria serratia marcescens. Another injured whippet had just come into the practice recently. That whippet had been bitten by an unruly dog and had been found to have the same bacteria. As we hadn't actually seen what had torn Indy's back (she had run into a stand of trees and came back to us injured) and the wound was consistent with a 'poke and pull' as the vet described it, we had assumed it to be a tree branch. Seems this was a case of Whippet Skin vs. possible Coyote or unruly dog's tooth or claw! Whatever happened, some kind of protective gear would have at least somewhat minimized the damage.

We also use Gold Paw fleeces in cooler weather. In fact, when we first got Enzo and our two were just running together side by side, we later found the similar poke and pull 'v-shaped' tear in Enzo"s fleece where Indy's tooth must have caught - we dodged a bullet with that incident!

Yikes! Glad your vet found the bacteria before it got too much worse!
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