Husky whippet mix life

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Husky whippet mix life

Postby Kinleygirl » Wed Jun 13, 2018 5:37 am

Hi there. I am new. I have an 8 year old husky whippet and have to say she's the best dog I've ever owned! I didn't even know what a whippet was before her. Curious tolife expectancy and also when they start slowing down in activities? She's recently started getting tired more and seems to have pulled or strain a muscle in one front paw. I don't want yo over due her in adventures but also want to give her plenty of fun! Thank you in advance
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Re: Husky whippet mix life

Postby PAWhippets » Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:45 am

Hello and welcome. Sounds like you have a great pup! Hard to say about her, though. For one thing, unless you actually knew the parents and are sure she's a Whippet mix, it's more likely she's not. Shelters are notorious for calling all sorts of dogs Whippet mixes that have no Whippet in them at all. Whippets just aren't that common, and aren't running around creating lots of mixed pups. As far as her slowing down and seeming to have a problem with one paw, what does your vet say about that?

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Re: Husky whippet mix life

Postby chelynnah » Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:35 pm

8 is about the age I'd expect to see a Husky start to slow. A lot of it is to do with breed, but a lot is to do with size as well. My whippets do start to show signs of slowing down after 8, but it depends on their personalities. Someone coming to visit would think my 14yo is hyper! She was, and still is at times, but mostly she sleeps. I'm just starting to notice aging in my 10.5yo. And my 6.5yo twinnies are as wild as they ever were.

At her age it might be a good time to start her on a glucosamine supplement. She should still be able to do pretty much everything you've done up till now, just maybe shorter or a bit less intense. The glucosamine will help protect her joints and muscles.

Would love to see a photo of her

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