Collars Vs Harnesses

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Collars Vs Harnesses

Postby IndiTheBull » Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:26 pm

Hi guys, I'm doing some research into whippets with the hopes of getting one sometime at the back end of this year/early next year. One thing I seem to see lots of debate about/mixed advice on are collars vs harnesses. I'm just wondering what people's opinions are. What's best for puppies, whats best for adults, is there a particular brand of harness or collar that are better for whippets overall?

Secondly, I had a friend who trained his pup to behave off lead using a ground spike and a 10M training lead. would this be suitable for harnessed whippet? I'd guess that running fast plus collar plus sudden lack of lead would be ill advised, but would it be ok with a harness?

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Re: Collars Vs Harnesses

Postby chelynnah » Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:21 am

You need to be very careful what kind of harness you use if using one for a Whippet. Because of their body shape they can escape 99% of harnesses out there. The only harnesses that I would reliable choose and say are ‘Whippet safe’ would be from the Ruffwear range where they have several more points of adjustment. They are also heavier.

As for collars here’s a fantastic collar and lead primer that we have in the archives to go through the different options available, how to fit them and how safe they are.


We favour the martingale style for walking. Either an all in one or separate collar and leash. It MUST be fitted properly to work. Again because of their head and neck shape whippets are masters at escaping collars.

We use a loose fitting narrow collar to keep their tags on 24/7, then pop the martingale on for walking, some choose to not leave collars on all the time fire safety reasons. There are reasonable arguments for both points of view. You have to weigh up your personal risks and situation and decide what’s best for you.

I’m sure you’ll get a few more replies but in the meantime I hope this gives you a good starting point

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Re: Collars Vs Harnesses

Postby cathyj » Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:10 pm

Buckle collar for training young pups, walking lead (martingale) for outside. Agree with Wendy J.

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Re: Collars Vs Harnesses

Postby GrandmaB » Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:51 pm

Do not underestimate a whippet's ability to slip from a collar and run off; hence, the martingale when walking. Although, I must say I do miss that moment of absolute glee as a whippet realizes he has escaped. Also, I use a 24 hour collar with name and phone number, having experienced skilled escape artists and one dog terrified by loud construction. Even the most aware pet owner cannot amount for all contingencies. As you get to know your dog you will be better able to judge what is needed. My current 10 yer old is still a thrill seeker with a high prey drive, and hence pretty unreliable, whereas I've had others who wouldn't leave my side.
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