Distressed whippet puppy

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Distressed whippet puppy

Postby gracielaura » Fri Jul 06, 2018 7:01 am

Hello! I'm a new whippet puppy owner. I just got an 8 week old puppy called Lunar last week, she has been generally pretty good.

The last few days i've been having some issues, if i leave her sight for 5 minutes Eg: to shower she will start sooking and froffing/dribbling at the mouth, its quite distressing to see and i'm quite worried. As soon as i come back to her after thisis happening she is completely fine. Someone is with her pretty much 24 hours a day except a few minutes here and there but she will casually walk away from us and sit by herself so its not like she's attached at my hip 24/7 and she's perfectly fine then if i walk off and do my own thing.

Im a bit worried this isn't normal and will turn into a habit ( i'm aware whippets are quite needy and very attached to their owners etc) and ill never be able to leave her alone. Has anyone had similar experience and or advice?? I've never had a puppy before so i'm very new to all this.
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