Puppy whining at night/ refusing to sleep in crate all night

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Puppy whining at night/ refusing to sleep in crate all night

Postby gracielaura » Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:15 am


I just got a new 9 week old whippet puppy called Lunar. I'm having some issues with her sleeping arrangements.

I have her in a crate with a cave dog bed which sits on another flat heated pet mat, a ton of blankets, toys, bully stick, night light, an old t shirt of mine and a tv show playing in the back ground and its warm in my room. She will happily go sit in her crate throughout the day and sleep by herself with no issues, nor does she follow me everywhere.

She slept in her crate for a full week thru the night except for 2 toilet breaks around 1.30am and 3.30am, she would then sleep until around 5.30 am and then start crying,whining, barking until i eventually give in and let her sleep in my bed until around 7.30 which i now regret because now she will only sleep until 1.30 am and then the whining/barking/crying begins and it doesn't stop for over an hour! I have tried sleeping with ear plugs but I can still hear her. It's really hard for me to ignore her because I am the lightest sleeper and I have house mates that have to get up at 5.30 am for work so its not really an option to just wait it out.
I am thinking of moving her downstairs to the laundry to sleep at night or is this just cruel? I've read lots of posts about how they should be able to see you and be in their peoples room but it's becoming a bit to hard as she just refuses to fall back asleep until I let her in my bed and I don't want this to become a habit.

Please help? Any advice?
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Re: Puppy whining at night/ refusing to sleep in crate all n

Postby Stickdogs » Sun Jul 29, 2018 2:35 pm

Sorry for the late reply. Some posts get 'lost' in the mix. Hopefully things have settled down and you've found a happy medium with the sleeping arrangement with little Luna.
Puppy Luna may be too hot with all the bedding and heated mat in her crate. Unless it's really cold, try to limit the bedding to a soft blanket, your old t-shirt and a chew toy. Maybe cover half the crate, leaving the door exposed, with a blanket to make it more 'den-like'. Whenever you take puppy Luna outside to go potty, put her on a leash and straight outside to the potty area. This is NOT playtime. Teach her to potty on command by chanting "Go potty. Hurry up" as you walk her around in a loose circle near the last known place she went potty at. Soft praise when she goes potty and straight back to the crate. NO fanfare. NO talking, cooing or baby talk. If puppy Luna begins to whine, wait to the count of 5 and say in a sharp, low, no-nonsense tone "Quiet!" or "Hush!" Repeat if puppy starts up again. At 12 to 13 weeks old, Luna should be old enough to hang out quietly in her crate till morning. You may need to get up earlier than usual for a awhile but eventually she'll settle down to your time clock.

Personally, I wound't move her to the laundry room. She's still a puppy.

Everyone has their own ideas and preferences with sleeping arrangements with their puppies. Some allow puppies in their beds from day one and all is happy for a lifetime. Others already have a crowded bed and don't want a dog making it worse (Whippets can 'grow' real long on couches and in beds) and others may have allergies and having a dog in the bed or even in the bedroom can cause problems. Whatever the reason, puppy must learn that humans are the pack leaders and they set the rules of the pack/ 'den' (household). And they CAN learn it.

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