Recommendation on fence

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Recommendation on fence

Postby WhippetMomRess2 » Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:22 pm

Hi everyone! We are new here to the board. We are moving into a new house in one week and we are finally going to have a fenced in yard for our 2 whippets!! Horray!!!!
We have a 4 year old girl, and a 1 year old male.
Looking for advice on a fence (as far as we know and from what theyve shown in the past, they aren’t jumpers). We are looking at a 5 foot wooden privacy fence, but my husband would like to do the 5 foot metal railing fence , as the metal is much less upkeep. Has anyone had any experience with the metal fences and their pups?
Of course I would make sure the fence ground is protected with no gaps or holes, and the spacing between the railings would be close to where they couldn’t fit their heads.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Recommendation on fence

Postby chelynnah » Thu Jul 19, 2018 4:44 pm

Is 5 foot what you're allowed, or your preference? I know people do ok with 4 and 5 foot fences where they cannot build them higher due to HOA or county rules, but for me personally I'm not comfortable with anything lower than 6 foot. 5 would probably be ok.

My other personal preference would be the wooden privacy so they can't see through it as easily. With metal they'll see through, and that can end up with them seeing something they just can't help but want to chase and before they know it they've jumped over and are off, even if they weren't jumpers before. It can also be a precursor to fence running to shout at other dogs and passers by etc.

I'm painting the worse case scenarios. As I said, I know many people who do well with all different kinds of fencing. I have a 6 foot privacy fence with extra trellising on the top, as much to keep the dog thieves out as to keep my girls in.

And for the even worse case scenarios I have a friend (who was a member here but hasn't posted for a while) who has the best escape artists I've even known. They can scale a 7 foot fence, and where that's not possible they've got creative and found other ways to reach the other side. :o
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Re: Recommendation on fence

Postby GibsonOwner » Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:00 pm

My thoughts are define the purpose. Are you going to leave home and trust the fence? Then a secure kennel could be a no risk choice. At my first house we left our whippet while at work. We had a 6ft wood fence so he went under and I tried several patches. Whippets are not good left in a fence long. I just put up a 4 ft for our puppy and don't plan to leave him unattended in the fence. Ours is so we can let him out to go or sit outside when we are at home. This pup is very determined so he would find a way out if not watched. So what fence is 100% nothing right? Our dogs have been left inside when gone. That means a standard 4ft fence works for us.
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Re: Recommendation on fence

Postby PAWhippets » Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:50 pm

I would never dream of leaving our dogs outside when we're not home for a lot of reasons, but I know things are done differently in some other countries. Ours do have access to a pen with 6' chain link fence outside a dog door when we're gone, but that's it. Otherwise, most of our property has 5' field fencing, and no one has ever attempted to jump it (that would not be enough to contain a serious jumper or climber). I think if the dogs are going to be supervised, 5' is adequate, and if not, nothing might be!

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