Advice on puppy routine

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Advice on puppy routine

Postby MACB » Sun Feb 10, 2019 3:29 pm

My husband and I are agonising over whether or not we can home a little Whippet (or maybe two!) puppy. We are big dog lovers particularly of this breed. He's had dogs before including a greyhound from a pup.

I'm just interested in advice on whether our routine will work for a puppy:

2-3 weeks home full time to bed them in. Is that going to be enough??
One of us home 2 days a week (working).
For the other three days, dog walker comes in to take them out for an hour.
We have a secure garden (it's not huge but space enough to roam) and can install a dog flap.

The biggest issue I think is that we leave for work quite early (715am) and don't get back until a lot later (630pm).

So would that be ok if a walker comes in the middle? I've seen comments saying 8hrs alone is fine.
And would we need to squeeze in an early morning walk around the block for the toilet? If so, is a whippet going to be ok to do that at 630am - in the winter, in the dark?

Am I being unrealistic to think we can get one? Would it make a difference if we paid for daycare for the 3 days we are at work? Or maybe two walks?

Thanks so much for any help!!!!
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Re: Advice on puppy routine

Postby Greybeard » Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:44 am

This is always a contraversial question, and probably one for the experts to answer. But as none have done so yet, I'll add my 2 pennies worth.

There are those who say that if you go to work you shouldn't have a dog, but with the annual cost of a dog estimated at between £1,700 and £5,000 per year depending on breed (in the UK at least), I think most people need to work to afford to care for a dog properly. I certainly do, but I always felt guilty leaving my dog (Sadie) alone.

The routine I adopted was not dissimilar to the one you've described:

A walk in the morning (but be sure not to over walk a puppy)
Return home lunchtime for another walk
A walk as soon as I return home
Finally a walk before bedtime.

Initially just short walks for toilet purposes, getting longer as the pup ages, leading eventually to a good run before work so she sleeps for the rest of morning (these days I'm out every morning at around 5 am).

Our dog wasn't left alone quite as long as yours would be, just from 7:30 am until around 4:30 pm. I still came home to plenty of accidents.

Sadie didn't show symptons of separation anxiety, but on the other hand we could see she didn't want us to go, and after a while she began to piddle on the other side of whichever door we'd left through.

Our solution was another dog to keep her company, so we got Lily, a beautiful young Saluki/Whippet mix. I don't know what the experts here think of the idea, but it worked for us. The two dogs bonded almost immediately and are now inseparable. We no longer come home to regular 'accidents', there is no scratching at the door or barking when we leave - they do watch us leave through the window though.

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