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I've just got 2 sisters!!!!

PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 6:38 pm
by Kempie26
Hello everyone.

It's only since looking online that I realise that I may have made massive mistake. We have been after a couple of dogs for a while, we decided on Whippets after researching dogs that are most suited for a working family. So we decided why not get two, they'll keep each other company!! We got two with good intentions, we want our dogs to have a nice life we thought that this was the way forward. We understood that it'd be extra work with two and we're prepared to put it in.

I'm guessing the "Breeder" we bought them from wasn't as good as we thought as he didn't have a problem letting us take two sisters. And after reading about Littermate syndrome I'm starting to worry a bit, obviously I can't get rid of one as we've already fallen in love with them.

Is it really as bad as I've been reading? Any tips on what to do?

At the moment they're getting on fine, a few play fights sleeping lots, sometimes together sometimes separately.

Re: I've just got 2 sisters!!!!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 1:00 pm
by PAWhippets
Well, as you say, you've already done it, and I'm sure you love them and are committed to making it work. Read everything you can on littermate syndrome, it's a real thing (and unfortunately, it's true that many responsible breeders refuse to sell littermates). The most important thing to understand is to make sure to separate them so that they don't become overly dependent on each other, and so that they each develop a strong bond with you - separate training time with each, training them to sleep apart from each other, taking one out to do things without the other, etc., etc. It is a lot more work to do it right and honestly many people don't, and then if/when the dogs do have to be separated (which is almost inevitable at some point), they really can't cope. We have brothers, now 3 years old (also 2 older dogs), and we decided to take both of them knowing all of this. It can be done. Good luck and we'd love to see photos!


Re: I've just got 2 sisters!!!!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 7:34 pm
by MarciaInNM

I'll also second helping them to learn to do things without the other always present. When I was growing up, the puppy we got became too bonded to our adult that we had when we got him. If she had to leave without him to go to the vet, or be groomed he was inconsolable while she was gone, screaming and howling and trying to get out of the yard. It was very bad when our older dog passed away.

I've raised whippet littermates, a brother and sister. Being the opposite sexes makes it easier. From when they were very young, they learned that they would be ok going on a walk without the other, going in the car, going to training classes. Plus, with only one pup in class, it makes it a lot easier for both you and your dog to train and learn.

Whippet pups do play with great vigor and enthusiasm. I have a boy and girl that sound like they are viciously taking each other apart out in the yard, when they are each running separately with a toy, chasing around like maniacs. They are just having fun.