Small dog breeds with a whippet

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Small dog breeds with a whippet

Postby JHazy17 » Tue Mar 26, 2019 3:57 pm

I made another post about if I should get a whippet or a Australian Shepherd. I’ve come to the conclusion that a whippet would be the best dog for my family. One of the biggest issues I have about the breed is the fact that most whippets may not bark at a intruder. I’m not looking for a dog to protect me but it would be nice for a dog to at least alter me of a possible issue. I feel a Australian Shepherd and a whippet together would not mix well? I was wondering what breed of dog would be a good alert dog and be a good fit with a whippet? I was thinking a smaller breed that isn’t quite as hyper. How do you feel a Boston Terrier would do with a whippet? I probably will end up getting a whippet as a puppy and the other dog maybe a rescue so possibly mixed breed. Do you think a Sheltie would be too high energy with a whippet or because it’s a smaller dog it would be fine? Would a larger chihuahua (possibly mixed) about 15 or more lbs be okay with a whippet or would a whippet try to hunt it? Just trying to figure out what breeds may or may not work with a whippet. The dog must also get along with smaller children ages 4 and 7.
Thanks everyone for your experiences and opinions!
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Re: Small dog breeds with a whippet

Postby Blisstw » Mon Apr 01, 2019 4:15 pm

Our whippets have always been pretty laid back and have been around many different breeds without issue (as well as with cats). If you get a puppy and a puppy friendly rescue at about the same time I would think they would grow together harmoniously. My only real concern is that you might want to avoid anything that would enjoy rough housing too much. Our girls love to chase each other (and any bunny, squirrel or bird that happens along) but don’t “play” like some breeds. I’ve been strongly considering a Manchester or Toy Manchester terrier as a possible companion to our two.
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