Urgent - Puppy prey instinct

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Urgent - Puppy prey instinct

Postby Katieg » Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:36 am

Hi there

I have a 14 week old puppy ‘Logie’ and Im already in love. I got him from a friend as her home circumstances changed for committing to a pup. I have had dogs before but never a whippet.
I work from home part time but I do have an active life going out during the day and evening.

I have two cats. You know whats coming dont you! Logie harrasses and chases them constantly.
I have read your archives and several pages online to get a feel if this is going to work but Im a very pragmatic person and I would really appreciate frank, experienced opinions.

I also appreciate its hard when you can’t actually see my circumstances, but perhaps I can build up a picture.
Logie crates well, I do this in another room and at night too, to try and minimise future separation anxieties. He pops in voluntarily and makes no noise day or night. He sleeps 11-9am!

I purposely leave him at home for a couple of hours 2 or 3 days a week, he also comes in the car No problem. However, I cant go to my parents house as they have a small terrier dog and Logie harrasses and bolts after him too.
However, just as everyone here says, he is so affectionate and has his little chin on me at every opportunity.
He was house trained at 9 weeks and very biddable compared to previous puppies that I have had. Sit, stay, down and his recall (if there are no distractions ofcourse) are fabulous. Well I say ‘no’ distractions, we were at a party the other day with a house full of adults, children and dogs and when I called him he bolted from one end of the house to the other and sat bolt upright at my feet...proud mummy. BUT he is obsessed with my cats and theres absolutley no stopping him.

One cat is more aloof and timid and he has had several swipes from her but he is undeterred and constantly dips in and out like a boxer, trying to play or flatten her with his paws. If she moves quickly she’s had it and so have I getting any control! The cat does circle round and tease him from safe zones but she can no longer come in the room without being harassed and the most annoying thing for me is that he whines looking for them ALL the time.
My other cat to his detriment, is confident and very friendly and Logie relentlessly chases him all over the house and out in the garden like a bullet. Not a hope of distraction or recall. The only thing that worries me now and I suppose this speaks volumes, is that Logie at 14 weeks is pinning my cat to the ground by the throat and sometimes the cats head in his mouth!! Im actually now upset writing this as I suppose that just says it all. Saying that my cat rolls over and doesnt run away but he clearly doesnt know anything about whippets either!

Im ofcourse willing to put in some work to try and improve things, in fact Ive had a dog behaviourist in to teach me various distraction techniques which in the house with the quieter cat are working great. I have to say though, its almost impossible with two cats, the place is like a circus.

Thank you so much for listening. I really need experienced owners to give me your opinions and advice re whether this may work or to stop it now. It is very much appreciated.

Katie & Logie
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Re: Urgent - Puppy prey instinct

Postby GrandmaB » Fri Apr 12, 2019 3:11 pm

Yep...that's a whippet puppy. So sorry that this circus is in your house. In my experience with several whippets and cats together, the cat generally sorted the whippet out with bloody nose scratches and limits were set & peace restored (with frazzled nerves on my part.) The message was cat specific, however, and our cats were exempt from chasing and were treated like family. With cats that were not "ours" & that ran away as in visiting at my son's house, all bets were off and separation in different rooms was the only solution for pandemonium at family events until the offending whippet got older and could be enticed to do more appropriate things. You are off to a great start with you puppy, and I would guess you may get this resolved.
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Re: Urgent - Puppy prey instinct

Postby MarciaInNM » Sat Apr 13, 2019 3:19 am

I used a squirt gun to train my first whippet pup to leave my cats alone, and always made sure that they had a secure refuge from the pup. I gated off much of my house until she was housebroken and also had earned to leave the cats alone.

Logie should NOT be allowed feel that harrassing your cats and treating them like toys is in any way acceptable! That won't end well.

What types of things have you done to discourage him from mistreating your cats?
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