Socializing with an older dog

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Socializing with an older dog

Postby Billiken » Wed Jul 31, 2019 3:31 pm

We recently adopted a Whippet puppy (Gloria, now about 15 weeks old) from a local rescue. She is a great dog and has incredible spurts of energy between long naps. We also have another rescue (Meri) we got has a puppy, but she is now about six years old and is mostly Jack Russell Terrior with some Pit mixed in. The older dog gets along well with other dogs including our recently deceased Husky/Lab mix (15 years old at death). Here is the issue - because of our new Whippet puppy's intense energy, the older dog, Meri, has snapped at her a couple of times during play. On the one hand, we read and hear that we need to let them play and that Gloria will learn her boundries. On the other hand, Gloria is still relatively small (Meri is about 45-50 lbs) so we do not want to risk an inadvertant injury. Any thoughts or guidance on the best way to socialize Gloria with Meri? They do lay together frequently and visit the backyard on supervised potty excursions, but we have been restricting any play time.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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