New puppy questions

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New puppy questions

Postby Jules58 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 12:04 am

We are 10 days into out first whippet puppy. It’s so nice to read posts here. It helps to know I’m not crazy. Our pup is 13 weeks old. He is really smart and has learned commands quickly. When might he start giving us a clue that he needs to go out. He usually has one pee accident a day and it’s often after he’s been out. We are taking him out frequently to a designated area and praising like crazy. On complicating factor is we have to go down a flight of stairs to the door (he is afraid of the stairs which is fine for now) but we go to the same doorway to the stairs every time. We are also ringing a bell. Any thoughts? Thanks! Julie
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Re: New puppy questions

Postby OregonLuca » Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:05 pm

Hi Julie,
Do you have the bell at the door for him to ring? Take him out frequently as you are doing and ring the bell as you leave and in a ridiculously happy voice say "potty potty." Eventually you will be surprised soon and he will ring the bell. Both our dogs have learned this. The boy got it sooner than the girl--around 14 weeks. They continue to ring the bell to go potty at 5 and 1 1/2 years old. Of course the girl is sly--she also uses it to try to get our attention when she wants to play!
It sounds like you are doing everything else right. We just repeated "potty potty" a lot when we rang the bell and again when we were outside as they searched for a spot, and then a lot of praise as you noted afterword. Now they pretty much go on cue.
Hang in there. It gets better!
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