Crates - Why Use Them?

Crates - Why Use Them?

Postby chelynnah » Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:39 pm

From: threddle (Original Message) Sent: 13/08/2004 13:13
Don't laugh at me, I am a learner. Why are whippets kept in crates? M

From: indogolfing Sent: 13/08/2004 13:50
not just whippets; crate training is good for all dogs, especially puppies- on any dog list for any breed you'll find crate discussions. It's like a playpen for them. I wouldn't leave my almost 1 year old loose in the house while I took a shower, and I wouldn't leave a whippet pup either- you need a safe place where they can play without danger to themselves or danger to your belongings. I crate train all puppies, even though when they're older they'll be loose because I've got a dog door. When they travel, they travel in crates- a loose dog can be killed or injured in even a minor fender bender, and in a serious crash they can become a missile inside the car and kill or injure people when their poor little bodies fly toward the windshield. When we stay in motel rooms, their familiar crates are there- wherever they go, they have a familiar area. When we've been moving and had to stay with family, they crates make us all welcome in the house. They shouldn't live in the crates and only come out to go to the bathroom; the crates are to be used like a playpen- for the dog's safety and your peace of mind.
Most crate trained dogs like their crates, and will lay in them if the door is left open. mine eat in crates also, since I've got a lot it prevents the dominant fast eaters from trying to intimidate others away from their food. The doors are off the crates and they all know which crate to go in, so as I'm preparing the food they are all waiting in their crates, peering out to keep an eye on me.

From: threddle Sent: 13/08/2004 14:09
Oh. Thank you

From: chelsea76 Sent: 13/08/2004 16:01
No one would laugh at you - it's a great question!

My crate story is here on the crate training thread.

Ever since then I have totally believed in crating puppies. It gives them a place where they are safe and where they can't get into trouble. I had a friend who did not believe in crating. She had just raised a litter of 10 puppies safely, all had gone to their new homes and she kept one. She took the two adults out for a walk for 20 minutes and came home to find the pup had hung itself in the cord blind. No matter how careful you are you can't anticipate everything so the crate ensures their safety.

Also crates are GREAT because if you travel with your animal then they have a home that travels with them. In a strange environment they have a place that they know is theirs and is safe, and whatever else may happen they feel safe.

Dogs are 'den' animals. Most enjoy having a den. When I crate train, my goal is to eventually have the dogs loose when they are safe to be loose. However, I can still crate any of my two adults. As soon as the crate comes out the first one in is Chelsea and she hasn't officially been crated in over 4 years! Savannah gets crated when she's in season because it means she doesn't have to wear her pants when I'm out. She dives in and waits for her kong and could care less that she's a 'big dog' and is being crated again.

When we pulled out the giant crate for the puppy and put it up before the puppy arrived, we went out one evening and made kongs for the girls (as we do when we go out) and BOTH dogs dove intot he crate even though we weren't planning on crating them.

Some dogs are just never safe loose, some will eventually earn free run. It's not just whippets, but it does seem more common in whippets than in other breeds - perhaps because whippets keep their 'mischevious' streak a bit longer - or perhaps because they really are secure in their 'homes'

Hope this helps.

Wendy (who was totally against using a crate until my experience with Chelsea - in the above link)

From: ZoeyWhippet Sent: 13/08/2004 16:48
I think everything has been pretty well covered in these two replies that I could add. But crates are a wonderful training tool, as stated above.

All the best to you and good luck,

From: -blinkiekatie- Sent: 13/08/2004 17:04
yep, we crated katie until she was about 10 months. she just couldn't be trusted in the house when we were gone. once i wanted to test her and i thought she was going to jump out the screened window. i had to run back inside and put her in the crate. it
was very hard at first because she hated it but i was tough and we got through it.


From: threddle Sent: 14/08/2004 02:21
Thank you very much - makes good sense. M
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