Computer / Internet Acronyms

Computer / Internet Acronyms

Postby chelynnah » Thu Nov 27, 2008 5:22 pm

From: chelynnah (Original Message) Sent: 28/07/2005 15:42
Something that comes up every once in a while is when someone doesn't know what things like ROFLMAO and LOL mean. So here's a bit of a list to update you.

If anyone has any others please feel free to add to it, and this thread has been archived so we can bump it up any time the question comes up.

AFAIK = As Far As I Know
AFK = Away From Keyboard
AKA = Also Known As
ASAP = As Soon As Possible
BTW = By The Way
BRB = Be Right Back
FAQ = Frequently asked questions
FYI = For Your Information
FWIW = For What It's Worth
FUBAR = Fed Up Beyond All Recognition
GD&R = Grinning, Ducking and Running (After snide remark)
IANAL = I Am Not A Lawyer (But...)
IDK = I don't know
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
IMO = In My Opinion
IYKWIM = If You Know What I Mean
IYKWIMAITYD = If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do
LGR = Little Girl's Room (a polite way of saying you have to go tinkle)
LMAO = Laughing my a** off
LMBO = Laughing my bum off
LOL = Laughing Out Loud
NTA = Non-Technical Acronym
OH = Other Half (husband/wife/partner)
OT = Off Topic
OTOH = On The Other Hand
PITA = Pain In The A**
PMFJI = Pardon Me For Jumping In (another polite way to get into a running discussion)
PMJI = Pardon My Jumping In (another polite way to get into a running discussion
PS = Post Script
TIA = Thanks In Advance
TPTB = The Powers That Be
TTFN = Ta Ta For Now
ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLOLAPMP = Rolling On Floor Laughing Out Loud And Peeing My Pants
ROFLMAO = Rolling On Floor Laughing My A** Off
ROFLMBO = Rolling On Floor Laughing My Bum Off
RTFM = Read The F'n Manual
SO = Significant Other
SOHF = Sense Of Humour Failure
SWALK = Sealed With A Loving Kiss
SPAM = Stupid Persons' advertisement
WB = Welcome Back
WRT = With Respect To
WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary (You may not have the same luck I did)
YWIA = You're welcome in advance

From: engelsmom Sent: 28/07/2005 16:14
Here in the US military FUBAR definitely begins with a different word beginning with f.


From: AerynnScarlett Sent: 28/07/2005 16:31
Another good one:

IIRC = If I Recall Correctly


From: lassiemel-pj Sent: 28/07/2005 16:38
uuummmm NWR and NDR......


From: chelynnah Sent: 28/07/2005 19:35
LOL Jane! Yes, but this is a G-rated board

Mel you're right I should have automatically included those

NWR = Not Whippet Related
NDR = Not Dog Related

Oh and TTYL - Talk to Ya Later


From: whippetmom Sent: 29/07/2005 01:34
Thanks!!!! I needed that!!!! Trish Scanzello (Whippet Mom) & Niven, Nell and Nigel

From: cloudybell Sent: 29/07/2005 01:43
What about OH - which I always thought stood for "Old Husband", and always felt a bit funny using - until my young husband pointed out it means "other half"!!!! LOL Nadine.

From: chelynnah Sent: 02/12/2005 12:20
Here's a site for common smileys

From: shawnie1101 Sent: 03/12/2005 04:43
Here's one of my favorites back when I used to work in tech support:

PEBKAC = Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair (user error)
(Heehee - think about it. )

To see this properly phrased: "Hmmm, sir - I think I know what the problem with your computer program is. It's pretty serious PEBKAC problem."

From: JenzoLuck Sent: 03/12/2005 05:49
I always wondered what the :$ smiley was!! Thanks!

And what about that one that has like an "x" for the mouth?? :X
What does that one mean?? Nobody seems to!!!

Jen teenage sister and her friends always use "LYLAS" for Love You Like A Sister.

From: chelynnah Sent: 03/12/2005 06:38
I think it means 'I'm saying nothing' or something along those lines.


From: SkinnierJanny5 Sent: 04/12/2005 04:05
Thanks, Wendy! I was afraid to ask about some of these abbrev. figuring I was the only one that didn't know!! I knew a few of them, however, most of them I probably would have spent the rest of my life trying to figure out and never would have used them because I wouldn't have wanted to embarrass myself Thanks for building up my confidence
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