How to Report a Post

How to Report a Post

Postby chelynnah » Tue Dec 23, 2008 4:50 am

With this board members have the ability to directly report posts to the managers that may be offensive, violate the CoC or other laws (ie copyright), generally be inappropriate, or which might do better in a thread of their own (if they've gone off-topic). We hope that occasions of this will be rare, but in the case that managers may have missed such a post and/or members feel a post needs to be reported, they can do so very easily by clicking on the red '!' in the bottom right hand corner of that post above the 'quote' button:


Clicking this will take you to a form to fill in. The subject line contains a drop down menu with some options for reporting:

  • Spam>> the reported post has the only purpose to advertise for a website or product
    (this does not apply to our legitimate members who are showing their whippet merchandise, but for spam websites that may have potentially slipped through our screening)
  • Off Topic>> the reported post is off topic
    (we aren't the topic police, and we are pretty flexible, but you might use this if you wanted to flag up where a topic has gone on a tangent and managers can then split the topic to a separate one)
  • Other>> the reported post does not fit into any other category. Please use the further information field
    (this is pretty self explanatory, but could be used for copyright infringement, flaming, anything questionable that doesn't fall into the other areas)
  • Availability>> this post contains information about the availability of puppies/dogs
  • Waraz>> this post contains links to illegal or pirated software
    (you could use this setting for copyright infringement as well)

Fill in any further information you wish to add, choose 'notify me' if you wish to be notified when your report has been dealt with, and then choose 'Submit'. Your report will then be sent automatically to all the managers.
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