How to Write and Format a Message or Reply

How to Write and Format a Message or Reply

Postby chelynnah » Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:32 pm

To write a New Message click on this button Image which can be found at the top or bottom of the message board, or at the top or bottom of any individual message.

To write a reply click on this button Image at the top or bottom of any thread. (For details of how to start a reply which includes a quote click HERE)

If you do not wish to add any extra formatting to your post then write your message (and topic if it's a new post), then scroll down and click on 'Submit' below your reply window.

To format any of your post (ie change colour, size, make bold etc)

  1. type your message
  2. hightlight the portion of your message you would like to format
  3. click on the appropriate code button above the post - this will put the proper 'code tags' at either end of your post

NOTE: If you want to add two types of formatting to the same section of text (ie color and bold) then you will need to highlight the text again and click the next code button.

To add a smiley to your post put your cursor where you would like the smiley to go, choose from the smileys you can see (or click 'view more smilies'), click on the smiley you want to put in your post. It will enter the appropriate smiley code into your reply window.

Below are descriptions of the most common formatting codes/buttons you will use:
(please also see the tutorial HERE for a more in depth explanation and description of all the codes)

Image = makes highlighted text Bold

Image = makes highlighted text italic

Image = underlines highlighted text

Image = puts highlighted text into a quote box

Image = is used to create a box to write what a certain code should look like (see the URL example)

Image = is used when you are inserting an image from another source (ie from your website - copy the image location or properties, paste into your message window, highlight and click the img code button)

Image = This is the code to make a hyperlink. The message board shortens very long links, so if you want the whole link to show then highlight it and click the URL code button.

You can also use this to make a word or image into a hyperlink to take you to a website. eg if you want someone to click 'HERE' to get to a website you would type the word 'HERE', highlight it, click the URL button to get the tags either side, then in the first URL tag put = and the website (see sample in the code box below which would take you to the Chelynnah Whippets website if you clicked HERE)
Code: Select all

For an image you would highlight the whole image code, click the URL 'button' to get the tags either side and do the same as with a word. (see sample in the code box below to what it would look like for my signature image to take you to my website)
Code: Select all

Image = changes the size of highlighted text

Image = any of the bg codes are special 'background' codes which add a special background into a post around your text.

Image = changes the color of the highlighted text - click on the colour shade you would like to use.

You can 'Preview' your post so you know if your formatting has worked before actually sending it. To the left of the 'Submit' button is the 'Preview' button. Click that and you will see your properly formatted post (IE users may have to scroll up to see the preview as IE seems to default the page down to the reply box). If something is not to your liking, scroll down to your reply window and you can change it before hitting 'Submit'

Below are some examples of what a reply window looks like before sending and what the finished post looks like:

Reply window:

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