Kai - 28th January 2003

Kai - 28th January 2003

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Kai - Whippet of the Week 28th January 2003

My husband and I drove up to Northern Florida to choose between three puppies. After we arrived and started playing with the three, I immediately decided on Kai, who was at that time, Emily. She was a red and white puppy, very small, and she was three months old. She had some attitude, but also was cuddly, and sweet.

The trip home Kai sat on my lap the entire time. Kai became a little sister, to Wiley. He was completely enthralled with her when she arrived. He followed her everywhere, and could not even sleep the first few nights, because he was so interested in her. Right from the start Kai stole our heart. She was a tough little girl not afraid of anything. She became Queen of our household. Even though Kai was a puppy it was almost like she was a miniature adult as she never chewed our shoes, or got into anything she shouldn't. We were very pleased with her.

Soon after we got her we took her to do some fun runs at lure coursing events, and she took to it immediately. This courageous little girl, who was tiny for most whippets was not going to let anything get in her way. As soon as she was old enough she qualified and was able to run in her first open race in ASFA lure coursing. She did quite well as she was fantastic at manuevering tight turns. Not long after that Kai won first place, and took 40 points in the open. It was an exciting day to see our little girl do so well at something she loves.

When we got Kai we did not really have the idea in mind we would show her, but she turned into such a beautiful girl we decided to give it a whirl. Kai entered her first puppy show, and took Best Puppy. Her very next show entered in as an adult she won Reserve Winners Bitch. Kai has a strong future ahead in both lure coursing, and showing. First and foremost, she will always be our first daughter even though she is a furbaby. We love her dearly, and she adds to our lives in the most unbelievable ways.

Heather & Tony West (Wiley too)
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