Levi - November 2005

Levi - November 2005

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Levi - Whippet of the Month November 2005
Owned and Loved by Janet (Logicsmom3)
Nominated by Lisa (Kandu_Whippets)

I got the e-mail from Dr.Henderson September 15th, an old whippet was in the Montgomery County SPCA in Abington, PA. I HATE to hear of any whippet in a shelter, let alone an old one. I called the shelter and was told to send a copies of WRAP's adoption application and agreement, also our tax number. I got that done and went to visit the old man on Saturday. When I walked in, I was surprises to find a well run, clean, friendly work place. As I was standing in line I noticed a very skinny old whippet lying on a pile of towels behind the front desk. My first reaction was to go over and pet him, but I felt I needed permission. Just as I was talking to the girl behind the desk, Chris, the manager of MCSPCA in Pottsgrove,PA and Animal Police (his self named title) came up to see who I was. He LIKED who and what I represented immediately. He brought me outside and we talked about why "Levi" was there. He has been a guest at the shelter for a month and had been there before, so they knew who owned him. Contact had to be made with the owners to see if they wanted him back, a registered letter went unanswered and the shelter was sending someone out there to get an answer. We were outside talking so I got in my truck and left, WAIT how could I leave without saying hello to him???? Then I thought he needed a softer, more whippet appropriate bed, hey I have one in the back of the truck, you know the kind, you get them at Costco for $20.00. I turned around and went back. Chris was at the desk, he was very touched that I brought back a bed for Levi. Chris showed me his teeth, OH MY GOD!! I don't think he ever had a teeth cleaning, his right back molar was green and slightly loose, so you couldn't scrape it. This dog was so skinny, even his head was boney, we changed beds and I told him I would be back for him. He really was a distinguished old gentlemanly whippet.

On the 20th, Chris called and said for me to come and get the old guy out of there, I wanted to go right then and there, but I work Mon-Wed and don't usually get out before 6:00 PM, the shelter closes at 5:00. On Thursday my husband and I went to pick him up, Mike loves dogs and accepts that I do rescue. I don't think he was ready to see Levi, we walked in and he was standing next to HIS bed and a CAT was lying in the middle of it. WHAT???? The girl behind the desk had left and Levi had gotten up to see where she was going, can you say separation anxiety? When she came back, he laid next to the kitty who apparently was a friend. She told us that he was 16 years old, had been kept in a crate for most of his life and that family members of the owner got him out of the situation a few years back. The son in this family took care of Levi until he moved and the parents didn't care for him at all. He was found by police, walking the streets and they brought him in. At first he was in general population, not good, he freaked out, next he was put in the puppy room, better, still not good, now he is out behind the desk, MUCH better. There is no charge to break him out, so we were soon on our way with the bed and Levi.

I was a little concerned for Levi's safety when we got home, I have two 3 year olds and a 7 year old. Usually they greet other dogs with a "This is our house" attitude, but he was allowed to walk in, go outside and come back in without incident (strange). My crew has never said a thing to him, they let him bark and try to play with them and Twister even snuggles with him.

They said that he ate at the shelter, he likes ham!! Now I am on a mission to put weight on him, I gave him dry food, which he ate, but didn't love, I mixed wet in and he LOVES that. We had vacation plans on Sunday, we were going out to Chicago and getting on historic Route 66 to LA, on our Harleys, we left in the AM. Mike's daughters boyfriend is staying with the dogs, he loves dogs, this is going to be great. We got back on Monday the 10th and Levi looked fantastic, he had gained 4-5 pounds and so had Logic (oh boy). While we were gone he had licked his foot raw and the Vet gave him antibiotics, I think this helped him feel better, he was quite happy, so was I. Now I can get his teeth done.

Levi is all moved in, he sleeps in our room with everyone else and has the routine down pat. I am amazed at how well he is doing. I came home from work one day to find my husband throwing a toy for chubby Logic and Levi running around for it too,he got it once and shook it up. A whippet friend had come to see him before we went on vacation, she said " It hurt her to look at him." She was over earlier this week and said " Oh good, now he just looks like an old whippet". Yep, that's why I do rescue work, it is all about the rewards.
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