Bebe - February 2005

Bebe - February 2005

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Bebe - Whippet of the Month February 2005
U-CD One O'Clock Wildfire Alert TD, CD, SC, MX, AXJ, O-NAV-V, NAV-V
Owned by WW member Julia (miFawn)

Bebe was born January 29, 1992. She came into our life in June of 1992 through Lori L. Nelson, her co-owner. Her sire and dam are Ch Wildfire’s Exclusive and One O’Clock April Romance. Her breeders are Renee N. and Dale T. Prescott. This is Bebe as a young puppy, “Cute and Red”. Her official call name is Sunday, but her home name is Bebe.

Until she was over two years old, Bebe loved to chew on plastic items. Her favorites were ballpoint pens, eyeglasses and the TV remote. We were often in the yard searching for something. She and her housemate also liked to remove ornaments from the Christmas tree. Bebe enjoyed jumping up in the air when excited, so I taught her that the action was called “Pogo”. She learned to do it on command.

In June 1993 she passed her CGC test. In February of 1994, at a little over 2 years old, she passed her TD (Tracking Dog) test. In June of 1994 she completed her JC (Junior Courser) title, and in September received her CD (Companion Dog) title in one three-day weekend.

In late 1994 we became interested in agility and started training. In March of 1995 we attended our first AKC agility trial in Houston, about a 15 hour drive. Bebe received her first Novice leg at that trial. In April she completed her SC (Senior Courser) title.

In 1995 Bebe completed her NA (Novice Agility) title. In 1996 she completed her U-CD (UKC CD), OA (Open agility) and AX (Agility Excellent) titles.

Then, in November 1996, disaster struck. Bebe and another dog were rough-housing and Bebe’s jaw was broken. We think she jerked her head quickly and hit it against a piece of heavy furniture. She had surgery and had to wear an external fixator. I called it her “appurtenance”. For a while she had to be fed with a syringe and then graduated to “mush”. She wore the fixator until the end of January, about 2 months.

Within a month we were back at the veterinarian. She had developed an infection. In addition, an x-ray revealed a tiny crack in her jaw in the other direction, from her front teeth towards the back. This time she had some special acrylic inside her mouth, from her lower front teeth part way back and 2 internal pins. Bebe had the acrylic in her mouth, with periodic checks and x-rays, until the end of June. 1997.

We weren’t sure if she should participate in any performance events. She had been trained through Open A obedience, but that and lure coursing were eliminated from her future. We decided to take it slowly with agility. Bebe loved agility and wanted to run.

In November 1997, almost exactly a year after she broke her jaw, Bebe received her first MX agility leg and a 4th place in her class. In 1998 Bebe completed her NAJ, OAJ and AXJ titles.

In July of 1998 while in Houston at the Astro series of agility trials, Bebe auditioned to be one of the “local” dogs in the troupe of entertainers called SuperDogs (I believe that this was an IAMS group). A large number of hopefuls auditioned for over an hour. Bebe and my travel ing companion’s Corgi were in the group of dogs selected for that set of shows.

In October of 1999 she completed her MX. This was thrilling as 3 years earlier we were not even certain that she could ever again compete. As a veteran, she competed in NADAC agility and received her NAC-V, ONAC-V and NJC-V.

Bebe is also one of several dogs that participate in presentations of “Dogs and Learning” at local elementary schools under the SCIAD program. The topics covered include, but are not limited to, natural ability, jobs dogs do, attention, communication, praise/reward, small steps to a large result, and so forth.

Now Bebe enjoys lying in the sun and taking walks. She also loves taking our shoes to her “nests”. This makes us laugh as she is still the “cute and red” puppy at heart.
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