Sweets - October 2004

Sweets - October 2004

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"Sweets" - Whippet of the Month October 2004
owned by Susan and Alyssa (lyanallanwhippets)

"Sweets" came to us in November of 2002, she was found roaming the countryside in near freezing temperatures around the Wetaskiwin, Alberta area. She was then taken to the local shelter. In hopes of discovering her identity and finding her owners they called us to see if we could help identify her. Unfortunately, no tattoos or microchip were found to help in the search for her family and we were unable to recognize her. We emailed all the known whippet breeders in the area to see if they would be able to identify her and reunite her with her family, but that was not to be.

We contacted our provincial representative for Whippet Rescue (National Whippet Club of Canada) and kept her informed of the situation. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Whippet Rescue and the Shelter in Wetaskiwin for their help and support in this matter. It is not known whether she ran away from home or whether she was abandoned, and we will probably never know what her full story is.

When she was found she was examined and found to be a little on the thin side, a little weak, with a slight heart murmur and a little cloudiness in her eyes which is believed to be related to age. Her teeth were also in very bad condition and in need of a major cleaning. We have estimated her age to be between somewhere around 13-15 years.

When we saw her for the first time, our hearts went out to her and we decided that if we or Whippet Rescue couldn't find her an appropriate home, she would be more than welcome to live out the rest of her life here at Lynallan. We gave her the name "Sweets" because of her sweet and loving disposition. She may not be the prettiest whippet on the planet, but she truly exemplifies the temperament of the breed.

Sweets has now been here for nearly 2 years. When we first brought her home it was like she'd lived here all her life. All the other dogs seemed to rally around her and make her comfortable. The first few months after she got here she spent gaining her strength back and gaining weight. Once she got her strength back, we discovered she was an escape artist and would take the occasional tour around our village. For the longest time we couldn't figure out how she was getting out. She would never even attempt to escape as long as you were standing right there, but if you turned your back for the slightest second she'd be gone! We finally discovered how she was getting out as she left footprints in the fresh snow. We had a picnic table next to our 5 ft wooden fence. She would jump up onto the picnic table and then over the fence and exit through the neighbors open gate. When we moved the picnic table away from the fence her escape artist days came to an abrupt halt. Thankfully it was never hard to catch her as she never was and never will be a speed demon! Last summer she enjoyed an occasional run around the yard or at the ball diamonds, but this year you can tell age is creeping up on her. She's not as active as she was and has slowed to a trot. She has good days and bad days. Some days she doesn't even move from her spot. And other days she likes to head outside, find a comfy spot and bake in the sun for hours. We've also noticed that she's getting a bit wobblier on her legs (but still not as bad as when she first came). She still eats good though and always has an appetite. When you pass out treats though you have to be a bit careful, her vision isn't very good and she has really bad aim and has accidentally chomped on a finger or two in the process of taking her treat.

Sweets will live out the remainder of her life here at Lynallan and we'll do our best to make sure she's well loved and cared for. We hope that she will be with us for a long time yet!

"Sweets" has the distinction of being Alberta's first "official" Whippet rescue (through the National Whippet Club of Canada), we also hope and pray that she is the last!
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