Fallon - January 2004

Fallon - January 2004

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Fallon ~ Whippet of the Month January 2004

I would like to tell you about my favorite Whippet Fallon.

I was very stressed at work prior to getting Fallon. I had gone to the doctor for a check up because I was having heart palpatations and my blood pressure was very high. My doctor asked me to come back in for several test and possible to go on medication. One particular very stressful work day by pressure was 170 over 95. I knew I had to do something, but I didn't want to start medication, and finding a new job would take time.

I had been looking for a Whippet puppy for many months, and Annie from Wild About Whippets sent me an email that she had a friend who knew of a lady that had a one female Whippet puppy left from her litter. I contacted the breeder, we talked several times via phone and email over the next few days, and I drove 8 hours round trip (beginning at 4:00AM) to pick up the 10 week old Fallon and meet her two siblings.

A month after I got Fallon my blood pressure had dropped to 140 over 80. No more heart palpatations and my pressure is back to normal.

Fallon is my first Whippet. She is more like a friend than a pet. My husband sells real estate and is gone long hours during the evenings when I am home. Fallon is always there, ready to play, walk for hours at the park, snuggle while we watch TV, or curl up at my feet while I am on the computer. She is my buddy, always happy to see me, always ready to go with me...where ever I will take her, but content to lay at my feet if I don't feel good.

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