Linus - July 2003

Linus - July 2003

Postby chelynnah » Mon Dec 15, 2008 4:19 am

Linus - Whippet of the Month July 2003

I am nominating Linus for many reasons. Upon the loss of Cory The Wonder Whippet, my World fell apart. He was my heart dog. Although I had nine other whippets, none seemed to fill the void since Cory's death 18 months ago. I co bred a litter with my friend Michael and got the pick puppy. I chose Linus from internet pictures the day he was born. He had a heart shaped white spot on his red brindle butt. When Linus was delivered to me, my grief seemed to change into love for this small puppy with the knowing eyes. Linus has been with me for several months now. He was sent by Cory. Like Cory, Linus has only one testicle and would have to be neutered. Like Cory, Linus has bad ear days. Like Cory, Linus sleeps on the bed curled in the crook of my knees. Like Cory, Linus rests on Cory's pillow under my computer desk. Like Cory, Linus follows me everywhere. And, like Cory, when Linus had his recent emergency neuter surgery, the undissended testicle was in the abdomin. Linus is home now from his surgery and recovering, hopefully as well as Cory did so that I can have many blessed years with him, as I did with Cory. Although my grief at the loss of Cory, who was whippet of the week a couple of months ago, will never end, Linus has partially filled the great void left by Cory's passing. There is no doubt in my mind that Cory sent me Linus and I am very grateful. I have a house full of "show" dogs, but Cory never went in a show ring, nor will Linus, due to the lack of testicles, but Cory was so very important because he was my best friend. Everyone needs a best friend and now I have another in Linus. Thank you Cory.

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