Gracie - May 2003

Gracie - May 2003

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Gracie is Whippet of the Month May 2003
Owned and Loved by Sue (SueHop)
**Gracie's original story was lost, but Sue posted this in April of 2006

On April 27th 2002 I finally got to bring home my first ever dog - and it just happened to be Mizz Stinky herself - Gracie.

I was just going to go see if I might like to take this dog who desperately needed a good home. She had already been in 4 or 5 different places - the last one was just for one night. In her first home as a puppy she was abused and her breeder had to take her back. Then she had a litter of 9 puppies - at least two of whom are AKC Champions. So you see we needed each other.

Of course I fell in love with that goofy face the moment I walked through the door. Unfortunately my landlord (my little brother ) wouldn't allow dogs in his house so I told him I was moving. It took me two months but I finally had a place where I could have her.

She introduced me to dog events - lure coursing was her favorite.

She even got to run at the 2004 NAWRA Nationals at the Field of Dreams - She proudly wears her Bottom 10 prize - a very nice leather hound collar from Roundabout Whippet Supplies.

One month later she was diagnosed with heart problems, so I retired her to the couch. She still runs a lot here at home, loves to take her nightly walks, and of course keeps the Tazinator in line - sort of.

I may have posted more about Taz lately - but Gracie has her paws wrapped very firmly around my heart and I hope she doesn't let go anytime soon. Annie once called her "quirky" and I think that is putting it mildly, but I wouldn't trade her for any other dog in the world.

She is definitely the Queen in this house.
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