Jesse - 16th February 2003

Jesse - 16th February 2003

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JESSE - Whippet of the Week 16th February 2003

This is the story of Jesse
Our sweet Whippet boy.

He was born in a Puppy Mill in Missouri. He spent the first year of his life there. It was a sad and lonely place for a puppy to grow up in. Almost no human contact beyond feeding. That is no way for a puppy to live.

Then one day a guardian Angel came and took him away from that evil place. He spent the next few weeks riding with many Angels till he at last arrived in Dallas, Texas. There he stayed with a nice Human Whippet Angel Peggy who told him his worries were over and she would find him his very own home with his own loving family. He also met a little whippet girl called Haley.

A funny thing happened Jesse's soon to be parents. Many Years before Jesse's parents to be (Mike and Debbie) had lost their Whippet boy Torrie. He was 16 years old and had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. They thought they would never have another dog. But fate jumped in to change all that.

At Puppy Mill Protest in Lewisville in the fall of 1999 many things would happen to change the lives of Jesse, Haley, Mike and Debbie. Debbie's Sister Allene asked her to go the protest to help all the "Mill" Puppies. Off they went to march in protest. There Debbie saw a lady with a Whippet. She just had to pet it. It had been so long since Torrie had passed. She missed seeing Whippets.

Well as it turned out the Lady Peggy with the Whippet was none other that the Head of Whippet Rescue. She said she had some sweet Whippets in need of homes. Debbie said Oh no. I can't have another Whippet. I still miss my Torrie so much. Peggy gave Debbie her card and said.. Call if you change your mind.

When Debbie arrived home she told Mike about the Whippet Lady, and how there were dogs in need. Next thing you know the phone is ringing at Whippet rescue and Arrangements are made for a trip to see the dog. Debbie and Mike said, "we only want one dog" 30 minutes later they are on their way home with Jesse and Haley. Their new kids!

Jesse didn't know about toys, growing up in a Mill, he didn't get to play. At first he watched Haley play with all the toys in amazement, seeing her run and play, throwing toys all around. Slowly he would try picking up squeaky stuffed animals, being sure no one was looking.. He would squeak them.. What a surprise! This is fun...

In time Jesse played more and more. He was coming out of his shell and becoming a real dog. He and Haley played and played. They would run around the yard racing each other. It was so fun to watch them. They were so happy together. Life was good; the Pups fit in our family like they had always been there. Jesse and Mike were the best friends. Haley and Debbie too we're a pair. Together all four of them traveled around town and to the park's together.

In the winter of 2000 a big snow and ice storm came to town. It was so cold. The electricity was out. We all snuggled together to keep warm. We had a big roaring fire in the fireplace. Jesse and Haley cuddled under the blankets. The power was out four days. We all went to the park to play in the snow. As usual Haley loved it while Jesse thought it was too cold. Jesse liked staying under the blankets..

Spring has come and the days are warmer. It is a great time for all of us. More walks and lazy days stretched out in the warm spring sun. After a day at the park Jesse seems to be very tired. It is Sunday so we all turn in early to get ready for Monday. In the Morning Jesse still isn't feeling himself, so Debbie takes him to the Vet. The Doctor thinks he might have an upset belly. Jesse gets some medicine to take home. Two days later Jesse is still sick, he in worse. Debbie takes him back to the vet.

The news is bad. Jesse's kidneys are failing.
The Vet said he has to stay in the hospital.
Jesse isn't getting any better; we bring him home one last time.
Haley and Felix sense something is wrong. They both Lay close by Jesse to say good-bye to their friend.

Jesse crossed over the Rainbow Bridge
In May of 2001.
He will join those that have gone before him.
We miss him........
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