Val - 10th February 2003

Val - 10th February 2003

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Val - Whippet of the Week 10th February 2003

We wanted a whippet, so Eric called the local whippet rescue person. We had planned on waiting until after our summer vacation to get one, but Val needed a home now. Val had lived with her breeder for a year or so, then, when she showed no interest in the lure, was sold to a woman. The woman moved and left Val with a couple. They were moving and didn't want to take her with them. So she needed a new home. We worked to put up a fence in the cold, dark, rain, and snow after work and on the weekend in February to get the yard ready. So Val came to live with us at 3 1/2 years old in February 11, 1999.

We took her to whippet lure coursing practices to see if she would run. We didn't know about her past at this point and didn't know that others had failed to get her to course. At the weekly practices, at first Val didn't pay any attention. I would turn her head toward the other dogs running. Then after a couple of weeks, she started watching the other dogs running. We had discovered that Val loved the Frisbee. So at home, I took her Floppy Disc and tied it and a white plastic bag to a string and spun around with it for Val to chase. After doing this a few times, I removed the Floppy Disc and she still chased it. Pretty soon, she was an avid lure courser. She would wine and bark when other dogs were racing and did an outstanding job on the field. We got her certified. She won her very first race. She became a Field Champion after four races. (It can be done in three.)

Besides being a great lure courser, she was a very sweet and loving dog. She didn't have any bad traits and kind of spoiled us. All of our whippet friends couldn't understand why we only had one. We didn't want to get another whippet because we knew it couldn't possibly be as good as Val. I started her on obedience, because I wanted something for her to do besides racing. She did really well. The more I worked with her, the faster she learned. I started he on agility. She was learning very quickly and really enjoyed it. Her teacher said she was a natural.

In May 2002, we found out Val had cancer. She had exploratory surgery and the surgeon removed a large tumor, but there were lots more he couldn't remove. She estimated she had three months to live. It was more like three weeks. She died May 22, 2002.
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