Excerpt From Ertha's Diary: A Normal Morning, by Terje

Excerpt From Ertha's Diary: A Normal Morning, by Terje

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Excerpt From Ertha's Diary: A Normal Morning

A sound awakens me. It must be the winged creatures I sometimes see by the pond in the park, somewhere outside. I stay very still, not to wake up the pack. All are still breathing slowly and somewhat heavily. I can feel their body heat and their rapid heartbeats very close. The provider is not moving yet, and we are all covered with the soft thick protective sheet of nesting material that the provider needs to keep warm at night. Being relatively hairless, I guess he'd be uncomfortable without it. They are a somewhat fragile species. But we do enjoy it too, since our den can be chilly, especially at night. I stretch my legs out towards him, and he groans and turns around.

A little later, the small machine next to our nest makes a very annoying, repetitive sound. I think the provider hates it, he always makes some very unsettling noises - but he still somehow manages to make the machine repeat the sound with regular intervals every day at this time, until he finally makes it stop. This morning I'm laying next to his abdomen. He stretches his forelimbs out, and despite my comfortable position, he turns me over and pulls me closer, then for some reason he's rubbing his nose in my neck. It feels really good, so I don't move.

After a while, he groans and slides out from the nest. In his peculiar bipedal fashion, he moves into the feeding area through the nearest portal, and I hear water running, and then a sizzling sound from some gadget that I remember radiates heat. After a little while he pours water from it into a transparent container. As I stick my head out from under the protective cover and watch through the portal, as if by magic, the water coming out of the gadget turns a rich dark brown when it hits the container. The smell is revolting and exciting at the same time. I retract my head and fall asleep again.

When I wake up again a little later, there is a lot of dampness in the air. The provider is next to the nest, rubbing himself with a piece of nesting material, making it all wet and useless. The others in the pack are stirring in anticipation under the protective cover. Then he gives the signal to get out of the nest: He reaches out and opens a section of a big white box, taking out a small rolled up bundle - more nesting material - and somehow he manages to unwrap it and use it to cover his feet. I have no idea how he does it, it looks very complicated, and must be impractical, but who am I to judge. These particular pieces get a very interesting smell after use, and I enjoy running around with them in my mouth sometimes, although the provider is less impressed with this particular habit of mine. Along with the rest of the pack, I start bouncing and dancing, and start nudging him with my nose, while wiggling my hindquarters uncontrollably - for some reason, this action always seems to draw his lips back and uncover his teeth. This may seem unsettling, but I assure you, this species does have a very strange body language, and he means no harm.

He continues this process until most of his fragile body is artificially covered with nesting material, and by this time my bladder is really beginning to bother me. I decide to go get the string that he attaches to the ribbon around my neck for going outside of the den. He pulls his lips back again when he sees this, and this time it's accompanied with a strange vocal sound, not unlike the winged creatures by the pond. Since he likes my hind wiggling so much, I do it some more.

Soon we are all attached to the strings, and we go out the main portal. Outside, there are several other bipeds moving around. I pay them no attention, and as soon as I find my first marking spot, I relieve my bladder. The others in my pack do the same, and I keep a close eye on them - the young one is being cheeky, and I tell her in a clear voice that she must know her place. I met the provider first, and I have the final say in all disputes.

We pass our usual marking spots, and use our noses to find out if anything new has happened since we last walked there, and do our business as we always do. For some reason, the provider collects our firmer deposits, which is quite annoying - now the other packs and individuals in our area will be deprived of olfactory pleasures, and they won't know as much as I would have wished who's in charge of the area.

Suddenly my enemy appears. The big brown flat nosed ugly creature with a provider that always smell like the liquid my own provider once in a while drinks when other bipeds are visiting. The first time I met this creature, she was rude and yelled at me, and now I hate her and let her know that every time we meet. My provider's face goes red, and he sits down and makes sounds that are very much like the ones he makes when he wants me to sit. I do, but I still give the horrible creature a deadly glare, while shivering uncontrollably. Then she's gone, and we continue our round. We say hello to another pack that we have found very polite. As we return to our den, I look for the big furry red feline who's often laying there keeping watch. She's not there today, but I check again through the transparent opening while going up the steps to our den.

When inside, and the strings are off, the provider takes out a big bag of lovely smelling food stuff, and we do another dance for him - he seems to expect this and it makes him very agreeable, although the pulling back of lips does reoccur. Then we all get our food stuff in separate bowls - I always get mine first in the nesting area, and I don't really care about the order after that. However, I always feel I could eat lots more after I'm done - I miss the times when we had food stuff accessible all the time.

Soon thereafter, we all look at him expectantly. As he always does, he takes only one string in his hands. Who's to come with him today? He looks at all of us. Then, he tells the other two to go to the nest - and its me he puts the string on! I can barely control myself while the other two resign and go and lay down on the big nest. They look at us with sad eyes, but I bet they are having a ball while we are away - I know I can easily have a party while the provider is away for the day, with whoever is remaining with me - but now I get to go to the provider's day place and see funny bipeds all day! Yipee!

Whippet kisses from Ertha.

By Terje (DragonwingWhippets1)

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