One Biscuit Too Many, by Vickie (indogolfing)

One Biscuit Too Many, by Vickie (indogolfing)

Postby chelynnah » Sun Dec 14, 2008 11:55 pm

One Biscuit Too Many

Once again I'm standing
one biscuit too many in my hand
I guess, to me, you're still alive
I've done this once again

an empty lonely stainless bowl
an extra crate and bed
a personalized harness with your name
not you, just things instead

I call them in, the brindles
"monkey-macan-tikus" by mistake
two dogs come back, I'm waiting
no small brindle girl, just heartache

I know that this will go away
or become dull, with time
but the image of your accident
is still burned into my mind

vickie (indogolfing)

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