Friday Morning, by Erin (AerynnScarlett)

Friday Morning, by Erin (AerynnScarlett)

Postby chelynnah » Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:04 am

Friday Morning

The rosy sunrise long ago blossomed
into a flood of golden light
bathing the bed, soaking us both.

She smells of fields,
of home and happiness;
she smells as bright as her tiger-striped life
and I wake up before the alarm
in a world that is completely hers.

I never wanted a whippet;
never wanted to feel velvet fur
beneath my fingertips as I slept
or a long, elegant neck draped over my ankles
beneath crisp white bedsheets.

But I wanted her.
From the moment I saw her picture
my heart knew her head would fit
the palms of my sleeping hands
and my fingers could slide neatly into the spaces
between her ribs in perfect conformation --
not to a standard in a book
but to each other.

When she opens her eyes
they are the color of coffee
in a glass teacup
held in the streaming sunlight,
but she does not open her eyes.

Instead she sighs, a whippet Juliet
denying light and birdsong, ignoring morning
and snuggling deeper against me
hoping it is Saturday and I will stay.

The moment is nearly broken
when the alarm shatters the quiet,
but she turns her face to meet mine
offering a polite little kiss, a touch of nose and whiskers
that promises she will be waiting until I return
and I am already forgiven for leaving.

by Erin McNeill (AerynnScarlett)

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