Collars , by Jen (JenzoLuck)

Collars , by Jen (JenzoLuck)

Postby chelynnah » Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:16 am


As he sees me preparing to spend
yet several more hard earned dollars
my poor husband asks me,
"do we really need all these collars"??

So I lovingly explain to him
how I bought each collar with good reason.
I mean, how else can our whippet
dress for each holiday and season??

My husband shakes his head and looks at me
as though I am insane.
So I will show him my collection
and then I will explain.

I take out the box of collars
and oh! What an awesome sight!
My face lights up with happiness.
My husband's just shows fright.

Before him on the floor now
are more collars than he had thought
And now I am going to have to explain
all these collars I have bought.

"This one is for January,"
I venture with a smile.
"I bought it so our handsome whippet
can ring in New Year's with lots of style!"

"And see this one here?
It is a favorite of mine.
It has little red and white hearts
for my whippet Valentine".

"This one with the cupcakes
is quite obvious", I say.
"He will wear this one to celebrate
his upcoming birthday".

"Oh! I just love this one with all the bats"!
I squeal, with such heartfelt delight.
"And didn't he look so cute in it
when he wore it Halloween night"?

"He needs this red, white and blue one
and I will gladly tell you why.
He likes to show his patriotic side
on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July"!

My husband picks up two red and green collars
and holds them for me to view.
"I see that these are for Christmas," he says,
"But why do we need two"??

I show him the silly sock monkeys
and the handsome plaid-trimmed one.
These two, I must admit,
I simply bought for fun.

"And this one with the shamrocks,
isn't it quite stylish"??
My husband looks a bit confused
since we aren't even Irish.

He says it is an obsession.
I call it a passion.
I tell him it is important
that our whippet show some fashion!

I take a minute to think about
the situation at hand.
I know that to some this is excessive,
but I think my collection is grand!!

I know that if I add them up
I have spent a pretty penny.
But I love them all (and use them all!)
so who is to say there are too many??

"My dear husband," I gently explain
as I sign the payment check,
"I will continue to buy these collars
as long as my whippet has a neck".

Jen (JenzoLuck)

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