What's on Your Mind?, by Pat (dixiearrow33)

What's on Your Mind?, by Pat (dixiearrow33)

Postby chelynnah » Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:19 am

What's On Your Mind?

I often wonder what's on your mind. Oh, how I wish I spoke your language or you, mine. The things we could learn about one another.

You always want to stay in bed after the alarm has wakened the household. While everyone else is scurrying about, trying to start their day, you lay there like a lump, yawning, snuggling under the blankets. Are you dreaming of fun things to do?

I know it's a good thing that we walk several times a day. If not, I would probably weigh a lot more than I should. Are you happy with that arrangement?

If left to your own devices, you would eat all day long! It's a good thing the meals are scheduled and apportioned. I often wonder what you think about that. I know you pilfer small portions of leftover food from the countertops! Do you think I don't see?

How do you feel about our snuggling? I know I enjoy it, but I sometimes wonder if you feel obligated. It makes my day! To know that there is unconditional love makes me secure. Are you doing it to please me, or do you love me as much as I love you?

And at the end of the day when we go to bed, are you happy that I'm there? Do you find comfort in knowing that you have made my day? Or do you even think about it? We share the blankets and fall into deep sleeps. Do you ever dream about me?

I often wonder what's on your mind. Perhaps one day, human, you will tell me.

Miss Dixie

by Pat Spinazzola (dixiearrow33)

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