Wish I'd Never Had to Let You Go, by Dawn (flyingwhippets)

Wish I'd Never Had to Let You Go, by Dawn (flyingwhippets)

Postby chelynnah » Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:23 am

Wish I’d Never Had to Let You Go

The morning sun crept silently through the blinds,
rippled across the carpet
and flooded the bed,
bathing your frail silvery form in it‘s golden light.

I Reached out - tenderly touching you.
Raising your head wearily
you turned and looked at me,
Your once bright eyes so dim
I could see the life ebbing out of them.

Gathering you into my arms
I held you so close
whispering the words I love you,
over and over again.

When your tiny heart stopped beating
and I heard your last sigh,
I knew your life was over.
and felt that I would die.
But I promised to be Strong,
not to let you down
arguing in my head
that this was all wrong.
And pleaded
that you would forgive me
for what I have done.

by Dawn (flyingwhippets)
In Memory of Rue

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