Not My Kind of Dog, by Ane (aniemother)

Not My Kind of Dog, by Ane (aniemother)

Postby chelynnah » Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:31 am

Not My Kind of Dog

You’re really not the kind of dog I like. A true scaredycat is what you are. Bark at that scary, horrifying dog across the street. Bark at the icky woman with the stroller. Bark at the horrifying cat running across the street.

I might not expect you to be the most happy-go-lucky little creature, as whippets can be expected to be reserved around strangers. But how do you explain the cat? How many people have warned about cat-chasing whippets? Said that although whippets might co-exist happily with your indoor cat they’re unlikely to do anything but chase a cat on the run outside! It looks like a dog, you say? Dog in cat-clothes, the scarier version of wolf in sheep clothes, huh? Um… I do believe most people will disagree with you on that one. And I don’t think you’d be too happy about meeting a wolf either, considering your reaction to a dog, or a tiny kitty for that matter. Come to think of it - you’re a scared-of-cat!

You’re annoying in so many ways, you know. You jump, leaving bruises and scratches in abundance. You like to stick your long, cold nose into my ear and then “roo” loudly so my eardrums almost explode. You countersurf and steal anything and everything you’re able to get hold of. How tasty was that nasal spray anyway? Or the lipgloss? Or the camera cable? And digging – here, there and everywhere! I actually place the pillows and throws where I want them, you know. I don’t need, or want, your “help” moving them around and stuffing them places they were never intended to go. But two years have passed and you’re still here!


You’re just too cute, you say? You’re just a skinny, weird-looking little dog. Too much legs and too little brains is your problem! Ok, you’re kinda cute when you’re sleeping. But that’s only because when you sleep you’re not doing any mischief. And it is some enjoyment to watching you run and stretch out completely - the elegance and beauty of a sighthound doing what he’s bred to do. Sure you crack me up with those silly antics of yours from time to time. Coming home to an annoyingly jumping, roo’ing whippet, dancing with happiness because mommy is home is, admittedly, somewhat charming. And who could resist you when you place your paws on my shoulders to give a proper hug, kiss a little and talk for a while? Or when you curl up next to me under the blanket with your silly little head in my lap until you overheat and have to go back out to cool down?

You’re really not the kind of dog I like. But I think that long, elegant nose and the skinny legs make it way too easy for you to worm your way into my heart. Doing everything wrong, and still leaving a poor human loving you to pieces!

Ane (Aniemother)

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