The Promise, by DebsDogs

The Promise, by DebsDogs

Postby chelynnah » Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:38 am

The Promise

Oh sweet pup the promise that you hold! Born the last of ten, the one I waited for. Here you are, my fawn & white girl. I hold you in my palm as you take your first breaths. You are just what I had asked for, laying with your mom and feeling you move within her belly, telling her just what I wanted. She listened well! Thank you Charlotte for this precious gift you give me to love. Sweet little Anna, I can’t wait to watch you grow.

Time passes so quickly. Your eyes are open before I know it. Up on your feet and off you go, chasing after your brothers and sisters. What a brave little thing you are. Climbing out of everything. I cannot keep you in…whelping box or ex-pen! I watch you everyday, looking for a star. You surely seem to be the one I waited for. I take your picture every week and study it for hours. I can see the promise there.

We practice moving on a lead. You need to learn these big dog things. Let’s look at those teeth and feel those muscles. What a good girl you are! What fun we have to look forward to. The days become months and soon you are half a year. It seems as though you were born just yesterday. It’s time to show you to the world.

How exciting it is to go to your first show! We load your crate in the car and off we go. What a good traveler you are, sleeping all the way. If only you knew what was in store. How much there is to see at a show. I see you looking at everything. So many dogs to play with, so many good smells, what fun this is!

It’s our turn so here we go. We enter the ring and you think it’s great fun. What a puppy you are, bounding around like a wild thing. I ‘m surprised when you get the blue ribbon, so bad you have been. We wait outside the ring to try again, then go back in at the end of the line. One more time around we go. Maybe you’ll learn to go slow this time. We stop and wait to let the judge decide. Oh little girl did she point to you? She did… won and it’s a major too! We get a picture with the judge and then head on home to tell everyone. I am so proud of you.

What a weekend we have had. At home we rest, lying on the couch. Replaying your success in my mind, I look down at you laying in my lap and hear you sigh. Your soft brown eyes say it all. It was fun to have an adventure, but here is the best place of all….. cuddling together safe and warm at home. I love you little Anna for ever and ever and that is my promise to you. No matter what the future holds, you are beautiful to me.


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