Dogs in the Bed, by MaryAck

Dogs in the Bed, by MaryAck

Postby chelynnah » Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:41 am

Dogs in the Bed

What happened to you, asked my boss yesterday
Your eyes are all red, your hair looks like hay!
If you party all night, you should wait til Friday
What happened to you,
asked my boss yesterday.

What's that scratch on your face, my dear husband said
It just missed your eye and it's swollen and red.
You looked perfectly normal when we went up to bed
What's that scratch on your face,
my dear husband said.

You're sure walking funny, said my exercise friend
You're stiff and limping, and you don't want to bend.
I'll be running without you, or at least til you mend
You're walking damned funny,
laughed my exercise friend.

Why look at me?, asked my sweet girlie dog
It's my brother dog's fault, he's a big pillow hog.
If it weren't for him, we'd each sleep like a log
Don't look at me,
said my sweet girlie dog.

It's not my fault, devil dog said, it's NOT!
My sister is cold then my sister is hot!
She dives under the covers and back out like a shot
No, it's not my fault, it is not, it is NOT!

It isn't our fault you can't move anywhere
I want to sleep here and she wants to sleep there!
We really can't help it if we sleep on your hair
Nope, not our fault you can't move anywhere.

So I looked at my dogs and I looked at the bed
I packed up my suitcase, to the hotel I fled
I rented some movies, ate take-out and read
And without my dogs I looked at the bed.

No squirming, no fighting, no nails in my chest
No butt in my face, no knotted sheets messed
No whippet bookends on either side pressed
No squirming, no fighting, I MUST get some rest!

What happened to you, said my boss today
Your eyes are all red, hair still looks like hay.
You needed some rest, so you went away
What's wrong with you now,
said my boss today.

I thought I would sleep, thought I'd have a good night
But without my whippets, I just don't feel right.
I worry so much when they're out of my sight
To properly sleep, you need whippets up tight.

I need a solution, which I think I've just found
To get me some shut-eye, I'm determined and bound.
I've found me a place where I can't hear a sound
I'll sleep at the office when no one's around!


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