I'll Be Waiting..., by Darren M Grine (whippoet)

I'll Be Waiting..., by Darren M Grine (whippoet)

Postby chelynnah » Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:49 am

I’ll Be Waiting…
At The Whippet Bridge

You were so excited when I became a part of your family.
Since I’m a whippet, you put up with me as I became demanding.
When I was hungry or thirsty, you graciously tended to me.
In return, I happily jumped up and gave you a grateful licking.

If I got sick we went to the vet and made sure I stayed healthy.
When you were ill I laid next to you while you were sleeping.
My favorite thing to do was to chase the ball and do as I please.
I cherished our walks and trips to the park where we went playing.

As the years passed we became best of friends for all to see.
Where did our time go, I thought it would be forever lasting.
So many memories, I wished time stood still for you and me.

It’s now my golden years, I am graying and my health is failing.
I know you’re sad, but don’t be, for now is the time to set me free.
I want to stay, but my body says no, this is my hour of passing.
Don’t worry, because I’m ready to go, so I want you to be happy.

I am now free, no pain, hunger, or thirst, active and happy.
There are so many jubilant creatures here joyfully playing.
My strength is back just like in my youth and I’m full of energy.
I can play in the grass and do my favorite things of running and chasing.

This is a special place, it’s where souls meet up with their pets and family.
There are plenty of bridges for loved ones to cross, with so many waiting.
One thing is missing and that is you, but I can wait patiently.
As time passes, I’ll be waiting for you at the Whippet Bridge.

by Darren M Grine (whippoet)

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