Sleeping with the Whippets, by Pat (dixiearrow33)

Sleeping with the Whippets, by Pat (dixiearrow33)

Postby chelynnah » Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:51 am

Sleeping with the Whippets

Now I lay me down to sleep,
Whippets at my head and feet,
Blankets? The dogs provide the heat,
For body warmth they can't be beat!

And off I go to slumberland,
The whippets do the same,
They dream of chasing rabbits, squirrels,
And other kinds of game.

Their legs and paws get moving fast,
On their quarry they must gain,
They're running on my body, though
And causing me some pain!

And when I try to turn in bed
I find I cannot move,
They've got me penned in on both sides!
Of this, I don't approve.

If, by chance, I make them move
They view me with disdain,
For now they have to rearrange,
Frustration they do feign.

So when they make their move in bed,
I try to claim more space,
They then plop down with legs outstretched,
A smile upon each face.

I now am hanging on the edge,
With nowhere else to go,
I dare not move them yet again
For fear they'll let me know

That a king-sized bed is not enough,
It doesn't do the trick.
So after they have pushed me out,
They give my face a lick!

And while I'm lying on the floor,
My pillows they will use
To get themselves all comfy
And complete their nightly snooze.

But then they get all cold again,
The blanket they will flip it
To cover up their chilly bods,
These naughty, naughty whippets!

But I'm the one who pays the bills,
So back in bed I climb,
I push and shove and reclaim turf,
This takes a little time.

We snuggle up, my pack and I
Fall off to sleep, and then
The dreams creep in, their legs, they twitch
And the dance begins again!!

by Pat Spinazzola (dixiearrow33)

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