Sunday Morning, by Jini (PatchnMike)

Sunday Morning, by Jini (PatchnMike)

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Sunday Morning
(March 7th, 2004)

I’m sitting on the deck in the almost-hot sun with my dogs, Mikey and Patch. Patch, the whippet, is poised, sphinx-like, on a white mat by the screen door. It’s that fleeting time of year in the DC area when there are no flying insects and the weather allows one to sit comfortably outside. A gentle breeze reminds me that this warm bright day is really just the lamb of March showing up early for a brief visit. My greyhound Mikey, was panting when I sat down, so I moved his blanket over to the partial shade of the table and bade him lie down in its shade. With soft words and slow movements, I was able to move the table closer to him, providing more shade, as he warily watched and waited. Now he is sprawled, sleeping quietly, with only the crown of his hips still warming in the sun. Patch continues to lie in full sun and is not yet breathing hard. Whippets seem to crave warmth and his white and fawn patched coat offers more protection from heat absorption than Mikey’s brindle tricolor coat.

A swelling feeling rises in my chest as I become quiet and consider them closely. Whippets and greyhounds have much the same fluid body lines, a slim-waisted, deep-chested, doe-eyed elegance, that draws attention and admiration. Pliant canines, they drape themselves on the floors and furniture of my life, making my home a sculpture garden of affection and beauty.

by Jini (PatchnMike)

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