Mommy's Rules, by Nick Jones (Mr Chelynnah)

Mommy's Rules, by Nick Jones (Mr Chelynnah)

Postby chelynnah » Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:57 am

Mommy’s Rules

There is a rule my mommy made
Which I’ve misunderstood
She thinks to do it I am bad
When really I am good

She yells and screams and gets all at
The short end of her tether
She thinks that I’m not listening
When really I’m just clever

She’ll give me all the finger wags
Her voice firm and insistent
Then pushes it back way out of reach
Like that will make a difference

I sneak a look, I leap and jump
My tummy gives applause
And now I have those yummy treats
Between my whippet paws

There’s no way you can stop me
Though you try for all it’s worth
You think I should be curled up tight
But I was born to surf

Nick Jones, 13th July 2003

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