A Simple Whippet, by Nick Jones (Mr Chelynnah)

A Simple Whippet, by Nick Jones (Mr Chelynnah)

Postby chelynnah » Mon Dec 15, 2008 1:03 am

A Simple Whippet

I am a simple Whippet
and my needs are far and few
We'll start with a big, soft, warm bed
that you thought belonged to you.

A back yard with tall fences
where I can chase some things
like squirrels, chipmunks, bags and twigs
or anything with limbs.

A big long beach with miles of sand
that I can fly on through
so long as it's away from cars
('cause I would chase them too!)

Then onward to my favourite chair
- the comfiest I'll pick -
and whippet friends to share it with
(not many, five or six!)

I'll deign to curl up round your knees
to show that I approve
but if I am not comfortable
then you'll just have to move.

As long as I am not disturbed
I'll sleep for King and Country
but one step near the kitchen door
and you'll soon know who's hungry.

The first and last bites must be mine,
I get to lick all dishes
and leave just one crumb on your lips
for lots of doggie kisses.

And as the hour, it turns to late
and sleep-time's where we're heading
be sure that I will snuggle close
if I get all the bedding.

Just know whenever you're with me
this message clear I'll send:
You're truly someone special
when a Whippet is your friend.

by Nick Jones, January 2001

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