Do Animals Have Souls?

Do Animals Have Souls?

Postby chelynnah » Mon Dec 15, 2008 1:48 am

Do Animals Have Souls?

To me, animals have all the traits indicative of soul.
For soul is not something we can see or measure.
We can only measure its outward manifestations:
in tears and laughter, in courage and heroism, in
generosity and forgiveness.

Soul is what's behind-the-scenes in the tough and tender moments
when we are most intensely and grippingly alive.
But what exactly is soul?
Soul is the point at which our lives intersect the timeless,
in our love of goodness, our zest for beauty,our passion for truth.
Soul is what makes each of our lives not just a meaningless fragment of the universe, but,some level, a reflection of the whole.

No one can prove animals have souls.
But if we open our hearts to other creatures
and allow ourselves to sympathize with their joys and struggles,
we find they have the power to touch and transform us.
There is an inwardness in other creatures that awakens what is innermost in ourselves.

For ages people have known that animals have a balance
and harmony we can learn from.
Can we open our hearts to the animals?
Can we greet them as our soulmates,
beings like ourselves who possess dignity and depth?
To do so, we must learn to revere and respect the creatures who,
like us, are a part of God's beloved creation,
and to cherish the amazing planet that sustains our mutual existence.

We must join in a bio spirituality that will acknowledge
and celebrate the sacred in all life.

~Gary Kowalski

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